The Life Zone

The Life Zone

Kidnapped by a mysterious figure, three women find themselves trapped in an abandoned hospital. Held against their will for months, the prisoners are faced with life-transforming decisions and must struggle for their lives.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Kidnapped by a mysterious figure, three women find themselves trapped in an abandoned hospital. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Life Zone torrent reviews

Crispin T (kr) wrote: Yes there are cyborgs. No they are not rad. wandering around in the jungle and thats about it. Tasha Yar though.

Zachary Y (mx) wrote: HILARIOUS but ruined by TERRIBLE acting!

Jennifer B (au) wrote: An interesting documentary. Starts off slow, but worth sticking it out to the competition.

xGary X (au) wrote: The final instalment of the Infernal Affairs Trilogy is set both directly after the events of the first film as well as in the months leading up to them, introducing two new characters in the mix as well as fleshing out the part played by the psycho-analyst played by Kelly Chen. The timeline jumps back and forth repeatedly which can make the narrative seem a little confused as Yan's character makes an appearance even after his death as Lau's mental state deteriorates. Unfortunately it is this plot development that leads the trilogy into unconvincing melodrama as his schizophrenia seems very contrived and gimmicky. The scenes set earlier in the erratic timeline are better but they don't really add anything to the original story making part III seem like it's making excuses for its own existence. It is still well directed and performed and is certainly not a complete waste of time, but it feels more like a tacked on addendum rather than a natural continuation of the Infernal Affairs story.

rebekah a (de) wrote: Lots of important points made during the movie, but sad.

Yolanda C (gb) wrote: Loved the movie, definitely worth watching. :up:

Alex G (it) wrote: You would think that a movie called I Walked With a Zombie would be a god awful movie. Not so. As a fan of B movies, I did have a bias coming into this film, but overall, it was a good movie. Let me repeat that. I Walked With a Zombie is a good movie.I think the best part of the movie is the storytelling. It's a rather intelligent, well devised plot of a nurse who is assigned to tend to a female patient on an island in the West Indies. She soon meets the husband of the patient and his half-brother. I don't want to give too much away, but it involves love, voodoo, and a vast degree of complexity for a horror film. Historically, the director Jacques Tourneur is no stranger to making intelligent horror films. His earlier film, Cat People, had a similar degree of intelligence. I honestly would be hard pressed to call this a horror movie. It's more of a drama that has some horror elements to it, which is I guess what horror is when it comes down to it. The acting is also rather good. No one in particular stood out as exceptional, but none were bad either. I do have to give praise to the guy who played the wordless big eyed Voodoo guy. He was definitely the creepiest part of the movie in every single way.Although I did praise the storytelling of it, it became the problem for me of this movie. The movie itself spent so much of its time on the plot and character relationships/developments that it left very little room for horror and setting up a creepy atmosphere. Sure, there are some creepy moments, such as the Voodoo guy I mentioned, and some scenes that take place at the Voodoo village. The creepiest scene is when the Voodoo guy comes to the house at the end, and at first you only see his shadows. Compared to Tourneur's Cat People, this movie does not do as great of a job at balancing a well plotted story and a well created horror atmosphere. And even despite the great storytelling, the climax is rather lame, with the main characters talking it out when we pretty much already knew it anyway. Again, not giving away plot spoilers. It just felt arbitrary at times, taking care of itself to take care of itself. It didn't always seem to flow naturally in other words. The ending was also strange and I didn't really feel it fit with the rest of the movie. If only this movie had a longer running time than its current running time of 68 minutes.Despite these criticisms, I did like it. Overall, an intelligent, well acted story that knew that and focused so much on working its plot out that it didn't leave enough time to develop a horror atmosphere, despite some creepy moments.Note: I must point out that the "zombie" is not in the way we think of zombies now. In this movie, a zombie is thought of as just someone who is undead. Which is what a zombie is, minus the cannibalistic, deformed look that modern zombies have now. It was just looked like a normal person who just happened to be undead, with a little makeup to show the dead aspect of it.

Marah R (fr) wrote: Inspirational story of finding a purpose after losing a loved one. Shia Labouf gives a commendable performance but his skills don't save the movies dull, and poor directing.

Scott W (br) wrote: Here's the thing about successful romantic comedies: you want the two leads to end up together. And I just didn't feel that way in this one. Most of the reason is because Calvin really is not likable at all. The movie goes to lengths to point out all of his flaws, and you see how much he manipulates Ruby to what he wants. I was wishing she would just break up with him. Zoe Kazan is lovely in this, but the scene where she had to act out everything Calvin was typing was very annoying. I think there are some decent ideas in this movie, but the execution just wasn't there. See Stranger Than Fiction instead.

Yogesh R (it) wrote: Now *this* is how you shoot a movie in widescreen. Check out the way the action climax is staged - a static shot held for nearly 45 seconds. What director would do that nowadays?(The shot with the train is pretty incredible too.)

David Ray G (fr) wrote: For its rather short duration, it proved to be quite long. I always liked movies of this style, but I think it would have been a lot better if this movie had remained on stage, and not on screen.First of all, the movie fails in portraying these "hideous" men. Some were ignorant, some were sexists, some were stupid, but 'hideous'? I didn't see that in any of them. There were some pretty great moments - such as the one with Christopher Meloni and his airport story, or Dominic Cooper arguing about the morality of his paper, but otherwise, none of the other stories has much interest.Maybe it's one of those movies that are boring to watch, but could have been interesting to live. I personally disliked the main character - the woman who was doing this study, and most of the characters were indifferent. Nice direction however, so props to Krasinski.Otherwise, makes very little difference whether or not you watch it.