The Lineup

The Lineup

An international drug-smuggling racket plants heroin on unsuspecting American tourists traveling in Asia, so that the dope traffic can pass through customs undetected. Two psychopathic killers (Eli Wallach and Robert Keith) and their driver Richard Jaeckel then collect the contraband.

In San Francisco, a psychopathic gangster and his mentor retrieve heroin packages carried by unsuspecting travelers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan F (ru) wrote: A Wall Street thriller that is entertaining, suspenseful and thought provoking. Great cast, and Anna Gunn delivers a terrific performance. Well worth seeing!

Francisco L (jp) wrote: Well acted and very funny, however with a formulaic and silly plot and the script is so weak that with the help of the bad characterization and special effects this movie ends up burying himself.

paul B (de) wrote: Ce film commence de maniere un peu lourde, avec des personages caricaturaux que l on nous presente suivant un shema d opposition grossier. On presage le pire et pourtant on se laisse prendre, par instants, par le plaisant duo d acteurs attachant. Le denouement qui aurait pu etre des plus previsible est presque surprenant!

Darren C (es) wrote: don't let the fact this movie has a great cast fool you into thinking this is an outstanding movie, a poor mans csi with a hard to understand south american accent to boot, although a highlight came in the form of tommy lee hitting john goodman many times with a baseball bat.personally i'd wait till film four play it 6 times a week before actually spending real life money on it.

Chrys B (gb) wrote: A bit confusing and slow at first.. but it gets going and ends with a great twist.

Alex P (ru) wrote: I still love this one and wish Justin would get back to making stuff with more substance like this. It's still the best film I've seen that's from and about Asian Americans. The only downer here is the piss poor performance from the female lead.

Maksim B (au) wrote: Fast paced, testosterone loaded and quite explosive, Swordfish is an overly stylized (almost on the border of being kitschy) high-tech drama which overcomes its story and plot shortcomings thanks to its amazing cast. Far from being a convincing tech-movie, it could be more suitably described as an action-thriller which attempts to exploit the tech-hype taking place in the beginning of the 2000s.Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman) is a "hacker" who is released on parole after spending time in prison for hacking FBI's cyber-surveillance systems. Left by his wife, not allowed to visit his daughter, he is trying to have a simple living away from computers and technologies when he is approached by Ginger ( Halle Berry) and Gabriel (John Travolta). The latter is an undercover spy whose plan is to steal illegal government funds and use them for counter-terrorism black-operations. To achieve this, however, he needs the help of the un-cooperative Stanley who is the only one who could potentially crack the system. Unwillingly participating, driven by his desire to be reunited with his daughter and chased by the FBI, Stanley has to find his way out. A way in which he provides to Gabriel what he wants, gets his daughter back and remain out of prison - a task that would require not only his technical skills, but also going through a mass of explosions, car chases and shootouts. Unfortunately, the biggest issue of Swordfish is that the story seems too shallow and unrealistic. The plot is like a patchwork of statements, assumptions and quite improbable developments which in the end make the movie worth seeing only because of the action mayhem and the actors. Speaking of the actors, Travolta, Berry, Jackman and Don Cheadle could be considered the only reason for enjoying Dominic Sena's mediocre delivery. In spite of the narrative shortcomings and the highly improbable content, the quartet is capable of pulling off the better of their characters and to keep the audience mildly involved in the movie throughout all the 97 minutes.In conclusion, it pretty much depends from which angle is Swordfish approached. Taken from the 2016 point of view, the movie seems even ridiculous when it comes to the plot, while the special effects are still stunning! If you try, however, to go back to 2001 when "hacking" seemed so cool and hi-tech, and conspiracies did not have to seem too plausible, then you will certainly have a good portion of hi-tech, stylish action to enjoy.

Juliana L (ru) wrote: This was one of my favorites as a kid. I watched it over and over. I great sea adventure story!

Ben G (es) wrote: Classic Kusturica. One of his earlier films and yet one of his best.

Karlo M (au) wrote: Wicked. Jean Luc as Jean Luc playing a defunct Maoist numerology-obsessed director whose niece is trying to get him to direct a film project which is really a front for a bank robbery. In the mean time, she becomes entangled with a police officer whose passion becomes a detriment to her criminal scheme. Extremely self-referencial with a little bit of Pierrot, a bit of Weekend, and a precursor to Notre Musique. The sound design is MAGNIFICENT. Throughout the film we see a chambre orchestra rehearsing the music score-- at several points they weave in and out of the story and reinforce the division between reality/fiction in the same manner that Godard's fictional persona blurs a similar line. Guns, violence, sex, and cars. Gender division, arm-chair politics, drama, tragedy and everything else in between. At one point Godard asks if the film will be a documentary, "You're making it up? the documentary... I hope it's fiction." A little self-tooting of the proverbial horn never hurts especially when your passion is cinema and your first name is Jean Luc.

jina t (fr) wrote: This is an awesome movie with a great cast and a really great plot I LOVE IT!!!!!

Robert B (ag) wrote: Bad, lame and boring. Even the MS3K version takes a few extra redbulls. Do not watch alone. You may lose all sanity and will to live. In case of singular exposure please watch favorite sci-fi flick with in 2 hours to avoid prolonged Bertigordon Tendonitious.

Robert H (ca) wrote: Gotta love the classic films that Lewton did up. Though not your traditional Val Lewton film Bedlam comes with an interesting message: don't make enemies of asylum wardens (or Boris Karloff) as things aren't going to end the way you want. :) Though the acting was a little over the top, it hammers home the outlook on society and the dangers associated with getting on the bad side of people with power and influence. There is a good deal of atmosphere and style coming forth from the locations in this film. The shadows, angles and design helped portray a dark ominous tone when needed and simple changes to the scenes created a light hearted tender vulnerable tone from the same sets. Not quite as spooky as your traditional Universal, Hammer or other Lewton horror films, it still has enough dark overtones to please the old school horror fan in all of us.

Austyn S (jp) wrote: watched the trailer and it looked fake and gay

Peggy S (it) wrote: Best Christmas movie ever. I laughed so hard. This is up there with Trading Places.

Patrick T (gb) wrote: defining the auteur thing.