The Little Bear Movie

The Little Bear Movie

Little Bear and Father Bear go camping in the wilderness where Little Bear encounters all kinds of new sights and sounds: an eagle's flight, a wolf's howl... and a wild little bear named Cub fishing in a stream. Even though they're from different worlds, Little Bear and Cub become fast friends.

Little Bear and Father Bear are camping in the woods when they meet a smaller bear named Cub. It seems that Cub became separated from his parents during a storm and now he can't find them. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan M (de) wrote: A great little story with some great plot elements that was great fun to watch.

Alan D (kr) wrote: It's quite troubling that this is real.

Oli H (fr) wrote: What a disaster, Spanish director/writer of a film set in Japan. They keep using Rinko Kikuchi in nude scenes for these foreign films.... *yawn*. Bad use of Japanese culture and boring story line...

Pat P (de) wrote: An unintentionally hilarious coming of age story from director Jason Alexander! 14 year old Ryan Merriman vows to see two people having sex during summer vacation. He tries spying on family members, but settles for neighbor Gretchen Mol. Words cannot describe the awkwardness of this film. Rent it!

Roy S (ag) wrote: lol this movie was funny as hell mixing up terminator and James Bond

Carlos I (ru) wrote: lol. Oh my good sweet lord... you really had to be a kid in the 60s to enjoy this didn't you...? lol. whooo boy!

Ryan C (mx) wrote: Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole together is like PB&J, they just go great together and in "Becket" the two of them give commanding performances from a time where acting was much more of an art.

Ben G (mx) wrote: Strange film indeed. The man behind the camera is a wonderful professional and the actor is fantastic.But one really wonders why on earth Rosselini decided to go for this subject he had so brilliantly touched 15 years before.At a time when new Europe was rising, why turn to the past in such a melodramatic way? Why offer us a sort of modern St Magdalena tale? There is something seriously off in this film entirely turned in studios, miles away from the raw strength of Roma Citt Aperta.Too bad

Ken S (br) wrote: By no means there best work, and certianly there most un even. There are scenes of pure illogical insanity followed by those of mind numbing exposition. However, This probably has the Marx brothers finest musical moments, specifically "Lydia the Tattooed Lady,"

Michelle A (ca) wrote: no info = not interested

Tommy K (de) wrote: Again, if I were to do a full-blown review of this one, I would be repeating virtually everything I said in my reviews of both Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. With that said, this is undoubtedly one of Disney's greatest and most epic products and is as highly acclaimed as it is for a really good reason.

Zainab L (us) wrote: For the movie it's supposed to be, I think it was fantastic, it's what the first movie should have been. A light fun movie about male strippers. A fun watch with the girls.

Lily B (us) wrote: Funny and filled with charm.