The Little Fox

The Little Fox

A tale about a little fox Vuk from the novel of the famous Hungarian writer István Fekete.

Famous, great hunters, better stay away, here comes Vuk! (They say he is cunning as a fox!) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee B (jp) wrote: I didnt know anything about this movie going blew me was just a fun now looking so forward to the sequels...awesome soundtrack as well

Mike B (gb) wrote: Shallow, lost and unconvincing. Works neither as a comedy nor a romance.

Jesse L (jp) wrote: it's definitely funny, but using the same style of humor gets old, i hope they don't make another movie. or at least make something more interesting.

Chris B (au) wrote: much much better than i expected it to be, although dont expect a classic here. this is a very good under-rated film, check it out

Jason M (br) wrote: Only ok for Pixar standards.

Kyle A (au) wrote: The people involved with this film have stated it's not as good as the show, but I disagree. I think it's just as good, and could've been a hit, if Gramercy Pictures hadn't been involved. Like with Mallrats, they had gold, but treated it like a straight-to-video release promotion wise, dooming it before opening night. My only complaint about this movie and the show is that trying to show this to someone not used to 100 laughs-per-minute is extremely hard to do. It's not like a standard comedy, where there's a setup, into a process, ending in a punchline. This film is joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, one after another until the film ends. Us fans LOVE it, but people who don't get it, just think we're nuts for liking

Matthew J (gb) wrote: There is exactly one funny moment, the rest is simply moderately amusing.

Benjamin J (br) wrote: I don't know how famous this is, but it feels like a lost gem. It's worth considering why it was originally banned in the UK upon its release in the 1950s. One's immediate reaction would be "of course it was banned, it (probably) glorifies rioting", but that would be wrong. The fact is that the film does show multiple views and doesn't reduce each group (prisoners, guards, politicians) down into a single stereotype. The prisoners are violent psychopaths and sadists, as well as misled young men, people driven to crime by desperation and those in need of medical help. The guards are being kidnapped for their part in the brutal regime of the prison, but still some come across as understanding and innocent (although one prisoner explains that their willingness to turn a blind eye is why they remain captive). It's also interesting to see how the same debates raged 60 years ago. For every argument for improving the living conditions (not everyone is guilty, some people aren't necessarily evil or deserving of ritual beatings and starvation rations, no one is trained up for work for when they leave) there is some alternative (but they deserve it, how are you meant to deter people? etc) The stats are also the same: a debate between the governer and journalists involves stats like 65% of them reoffending, 95% being released, and so on. It's nice to see that someone who had lived through this could make a film explaining that the "string em up, birch em, starve em" technique was useless then and not worth returning to.A great film, a useful piece of social commentary despite its age, and well worth sitting through some of the hokey "why I oughta..." style 1950s acting.

Sarfara A (us) wrote: White Zombie directed and produced by Victor Halperin and Edward Halperin (duo of brothers) screenplay was written by Garnett Weston based on William Seabrooks' book. Starring Bla Lugosi as Murder Legendre a Voodoo Master. This was the first Zombie film. Madeleine is in Haiti with her fianc Neil they are both set to get married soon - on their way to wealthy man Charles at night they witness eerie funeral going on. Charles fall for Madeleine and decides to get her for himself and for this passionate urge Charles secretly meets Murder at his sugar-cane mill which is despicably run by zombies about whom Murder says 'they need no rest on this job'. Murder suggests to Charles that the only way he can have Madeleine is by making her Zombie and he unwillingly agrees. At the night of the wedding the potion Charles received from Murder, he spills it into the drink of Madeleine and slowly she dies - having been buried the Murder along with Charles exhumes her body and takes her away to sea-shore castle. Neil starts drinking and misses his fianc desperately he goes to missionary Dr. Bruner who figures out how some empty graves sign of the appearing zombies in the town - the two start looking for the missing body from the tomb. The atmosphere of the film is unique and eerie to some level mixed with chilling music-score by Guy Bevier Williams - Hugo Riesenfeld - Xavier Cugat. Lugosi is the main factor who is more horrifying than the Zombies are; thanks to his expressions and delivery of dialogues. Excellent short film that tackles the sensation of romance and madness.

Joseph A (mx) wrote: I enjoyed seeing the imperfections of such a great leader.

Tomas T (ag) wrote: More known for his Westerns, director Anthony Mann proves that his distinctive directing is well suited to depict more modern conflict with utmost reality. As probably most already knew, real war is completely the opposite of what Hollywood's block busters make it out to be. In reality, large portion of War is battling against boredom and inconveniences due to lack of everyday commodities and only tiny fraction of time is spent in adrenaline pumping combat. In this sense Anthony Mann's realistic directing style pays homage to largely forgotten Korean conflict as it depicts war in most realistic way I have seen so far. This can be considered a good and bad thing as realistic approach to war does not in this instance transform into a thrilling movie experience. Men in War tells a straightforward story of Lt. Benson and the desperate situation his encircled platoon faces in Korean battle field. Exhausted and encircled, Benson and his platoon need to break through strong enemy defenses and capture a hill in order to reach friendly lines. The story is simple and Robert Ryan as the lead actor fills the boots of lieutenant Benson well. Anthony Mann's great directing brings a sense of realism and intensity to each scene and makes it easy for viewer to immerse themselves in Korean conflict. These factors make Men in War technically a great and realistic war film, but with action scenes - as in reality - far and few between, there is no escaping the fact that Men in War is a somewhat tedious film. Now I can appreciate the realism and stunning shots Mann produced with the film, they are really fantastic, but cannot overlook the fact that the film failed to keep me interested in it due to slow pace and lack of action.