The Little Kidnappers

The Little Kidnappers

A Scotsman, Jim MacKenzie, living on a primitive homestead in Nova Scotia, is raising his two grandsons, Harry and Davy, following the death of their father in the Boer War. His son's death...

A Scotsman, Jim MacKenzie, living on a primitive homestead in Nova Scotia, is raising his two grandsons, Harry and Davy, following the death of their father in the Boer War. His son's death... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Per M (ru) wrote: Bttre n 2:an men smmre n 1:an och skall man uppskatta dessa s fr man ha lite twisted humor!!

Mia F (jp) wrote: Fell asleep! Enough said!

scott g (ag) wrote: A okay drama which has some heartfelt moments. the story following the youngest brother from a family where one of the eldest has contracted hiv. at first kept secret tot to upset the kid, things then play out following the two brothers. a curious and interesting watch that is not brilliant in any way. but it runs along.

Lovro H (it) wrote: Mainly saw it because of the main actor, Mads Mikkelsen, and I didn't really know what to expect, but I was very suprised! It's dark. It's funny. It's nasty. It's succeeds as a comedy, as well as a horror. The idea of the movie is quite dark, and there's this weird feeling you get throughout the movie, but that doesn't make the movie less enjoyable. The ending might've been a bit different, it's too simple for me. Other than that, this movie is very vell made and scripted. Thumbs up!

Alex M (br) wrote: that looks so naughty !!!!

Sean W (es) wrote: I love how big hollywood stars go out of their way to play low-class/working-class characters. This is one of the more annoying attempts.

Timothy S (jp) wrote: For a great deal of its running time, I cut "Date With an Angel" a lot of slack. It wasn't so much a bad movie as a misguided and bland one, but the longer it spins its wheels without going anywhere, the angrier and less tolerant I became. It closely mirrors another romantic fantasy "Splash", but the emphasis here is more on comedic slapstick than on the romance. People falling down and bumping into things is what passes for comedy, but the love story is even less convincing. Emmanuelle Baert is stunning, but considering she doesn't say a word until the last scene, her beauty is apparently the only thing that draws Michael E. Knight to her. That's not enough to build a credible relationship on, but the storyline might have worked had it been fleshed out more. Instead, the film spends way too much time on the assorted cast of mostly annoying supporting characters. Everyone in the film is a stereotype, from Phoebe Cates' shrill girlfriend to Knight himself, the misunderstood fiance who doesn't fit her father's mold, You have to wonder why Cates' father, played by David Dukes, is made out to be such a bad guy for wanting Baert to appear in his company's advertising when Knight's three friends are just as interested in exploiting her. Tom McLoughlin's script plays it safe by refusing to be anything but conventional. When you have an angel on Earth romancing a mortal, it would seem the sky would be the limit on that film's potential. But "Date With an Angel" is about as ordinary as movies get. It's not interested in being challenging or different, instead, it's content to be a Saturday night date movie for easily pleased moviegoers.

Robin W (nl) wrote: The eighties were plagued with an awful lot of crappy rip-offs of "The Road Warriors", but it's doubtful that any of them were sillier than this Italian-made production from Enzo G. Castellari, a director who's no stranger to making clones of successful post-apocalyptic movies ("Escape from the Bronx", anyone?). Featuring goofy costumes and hairstyles that make the Mad Max films look like a model of restraint, and lots of chase scenes with vehicles that appear to be golf carts wrapped in tin foil, this film also contains some surprising homosexual overtones; there's actually a sequence where the villain sodomizes the hero in front of his gang, but the hero later gets his revenge by the killing the bad guy with a large drill in none-too-subtle phallic fashion! However, despite the pointlessness of the proceedings, Castellari does know how to present mindless action and keep the pace moving, so the films is rarely boring. I'd make a lot of jokes over the fact that Fred Williamson's character is named "Nadir", but since this came before his "Black Cobra" films, his career hadn't reached that point yet.

Lilian W (mx) wrote: The City has a way of imprinting its cruelty on its people. Jon Voight was really good but it's the brilliant Dustin Hoffman who really breaks my heart.

Christopher P (jp) wrote: Well-made, but kind of dull.

Josh F (kr) wrote: Good remake, desecent acting. Plot very pretable and over all bland movie.

Avone K (de) wrote: A solid UK martial arts indie action movie, shot & directed well with some great fight scenes although not enough of Zara! lol

Tim M (br) wrote: Director of 3:10 to Yuma's cop drama features an impressive ensemble cast. How corrupt are these cops? "It sizzles toward an explosive and satisfying climax in which everything -- Stallone included -- fully bursts into life."? Sandra Contreras, TV Guide's Movie Guide