The Little Kidnappers

The Little Kidnappers

Loosely based on a '50's movie of the same name, it tells the story of two young orphan boys who travel by themselves from the Old country to join their father's family in Canada. There they encounter their stern disciplinarian grandfather who has alienated himself from some of his neighbors. There is particularly no love lost between the grandfather and his Dutch neighbors, who he generalizes as being responsible for his son's death in the Boor War. A side product of this animosity is that it is keeping apart the boy's aunt and her Dutch doctor suitor. The two boys change everything though when they find a young baby on the beach...

Loosely based on a '50's movie of the same name, it tells the story of two young orphan boys who travel by themselves from the Old country to join their father's family in Canada. There ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason M (it) wrote: This is actually pretty good.

Jen H (gb) wrote: Now I know where not to travel in Cambodia

Robert I (ca) wrote: I got this mixed up with "Dark Night of the Scarecrow"... Which was way better. Fairly dull killer Scarecrow film... But the ending features Stephen Root with a shotgun, a busty chick in a white shirt, and nondescript hero dude taking on the evil Scarecrow. That was amusing as I had no idea how we got there.

Steve S (de) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Logan M (mx) wrote: A big hearted kids' movie, an unconventional holiday film, and a midnight creature feature rolled into one, "Gremlins" is like the evil twin to "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."

Al M (us) wrote: A solid sequel to Outpost, Black Sun follows a military group as they attempt to battle the Nazi zombies raised in the first film and destroy the machine that created them before they can reignite the Nazi program of world conquest. Somewhat stupid but brutal, creepy, and action-packed, Black Sun is a fun sequel to a film that gave a somewhat unique twist to the Nazi-zombie subgenre.

Eric H (gb) wrote: This drama is a jewel among the films directed by Louis Malle. It has an excellent acting of Burt Lancaster as Lou, and then young Susan Sarandon. Lou is an old man who used to talk too much about things he never did. He liked to say that he worked with Al Capone, Luciano and other gangsters, and that he was famous in Las Vegas. Lou, in conclusion, talked a lot but did little. However, he was able to find means for his subsistence, being the lover and servant of an old woman, and taking numbers from different people for playing illegal lottery in Atlantic city. His life was blessed the day he met a young guy who was stealing coca left in a telephone cabin. Lou knew the entire guy was doing with the drug, he was able to involve himself in this business, and continued smuggling even after the guy was discovered and killed by the true smugglers. Lou made a lot of money and, by coincidence, wanted the guy's wife (Sally). He made a lot of good services to her when her husband was killed, and finally could touch her body as he desired. Lou also was able to kill the true smugglers. He could not believe it when he did. This incidence forced Lou and Sally to leave Atlantic city for a while. The fact is that he knew well that Sally was to leave him and to take some money from him, and he let her go and came back to Atlantic City continuing smuggling. Lou was a person who talked too much and wanted to show himself as a great man, he was also kind with his friends. Nearly at the end of the film when he read the news of two smugglers killed, he innocently told the receptionist of the hotel that he was the killer, something that the receptionist took as a lie.