The Locket

The Locket

A dark personal secret drives a young woman to use every man she encounters.

Just before a wedding, the bridegroom hears a complex tale painting his lovely bride as devilish and unbalanced. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keisha S (mx) wrote: Okay so much to say about this movie. I watched it on Netflix tonight and about 15 minutes in I wanted to turn it off but something kept me drawn in. I love the fact the actors/actresses have a different look about them, no one I've seen in other movies so that may have been my reason. I do believe this was a great script just needed more sufficient time to explore the characters roles, such as the sisters. Their past just came out in casual conversation but they never seem to show that disdain for one another...that I thought. The relationships all seemed a little freaky...swinger like which confused me but again intrigued me like it was almost leading up to a eyes wide shut/ know the movie with Tom Cruise. I digress all an all by the end of this movie, I knew that it was written by a Seriously It was good, I just think the characters needed more time to be explored in order to be believable. Good movie, great potential for a part 2.

Nancy C (jp) wrote: 4/5 a cute light-hearted funny romantic-comedy [yes i admit watching those, the French do it so well] that tells the tale of two innocent bumbling chocolatiers who fear love. MMhmmmm chocolate! a happy movie with LOLs and nice emotional moments, memorable exercises in dating and touching, taking a walk, and just taking risks to not be so shy/a hermit..."You mustn't insult good chocolate. Chocolate deserves respect."

Roger O (ca) wrote: Tre snowboardere er paa vei hjem fra en partyweekend i Colorado. De roter seg bort i hillbillyland i vinterkalde Pennsylvania. Backwood-brutality er sjelden mer brutal enn her. Grafisk vold, kannibalisme/tortur og masse blod og gorr gjor dette til en heftig affaere. Ok karakterer (hvis en ser bort i fra de forste 10 minuttene) og ok spill faar oss til aa bry oss litt mer enn vanlig. Tempoet er fint balansert og de vinterlige omgivelser blir fint utnyttet. Enkelte scener og bilder er vemmelige - mer gore enn film. Slutten er bra - dermed blir dette forfriskende ekkelt og stygt.

Allan C (gb) wrote: Entertaining but nothing new or special. Paint by numbers.

adam u (es) wrote: great casting for a B movie Ray Wise was great as his dad, Brooke Nevin should have had a lil more kick ass omph

Paul H (mx) wrote: Flatter than a ironing board thats been ran over with a steam roller, which includes the story.

Craig C (de) wrote: Though the premise is interesting, the execution was not. The script was full of cliches, the performances werent great, and the film looked cheap. The only redeeming quality about this movie is the ending.

Jennifer U (br) wrote: twisted- I liked it!

soul r (us) wrote: Wonderful film about hardship and mistreatment of illegal immigrant.

Melissa G (mx) wrote: So good. Actually a real feel-good movie with great dancehall music!

Donny S (jp) wrote: Crushing. (Watch it then die.)

Woolly S (ca) wrote: there is somethign horrible about this film. more than just the violence, murder and insanity, something that is just unpleasent and disturbing to sit through. which is always a good thing (it beats being bored)

Julian S (mx) wrote: ( 1/4)( 1/4)( 1/4)( 1/4)( 1/4)( 1/4)( 1/4)( 1/4)

Shamith G (ca) wrote: This is a movie which hallmarks symbolism so perfectly with a genuine murder mystery narrative that will leave your eyes in warmth and daze. The incredible writing, the lead cast and their chemistry, the controlled direction, the poetic twist ending is showcased with a great finesse. This is an instant classic