The Lonely Man

The Lonely Man

Aging gunslinger Jacob Wade hopes to settle down with his estranged son, but his old enemies have other plans for him. Gunslinger Jacob Wade finds his long-abandoned son Riley, now a young man who hates his father but has nowhere else to go. Hoping to settle down, Jacob finds no town will have him. They end at Monolith, the ranch of Jacob's former girlfriend Ada, to whom he had no intention of returning. A mustang hunt finds Riley himself attracted to the shapely Ada...and Jacob having trouble with his eyesight. And his visions of a quiet life are doomed by the re-appearance of enemies from his past...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:suicide,   gunfight,   ambush,  

Aging gunslinger Jacob Wade hopes to settle down with his estranged son, but his old enemies have other plans for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandre P (br) wrote: "J'ai regarde l'abime, et l'abime m'a regarde (face camera)"

Andy W (br) wrote: If Anvil is the real life spinal tap, then I guess this is the no budget movie making version - and it's a corker. Sad, hilarious, deranged... So funny - even if those in front of the camera have no idea just how funny they're being. Just brilliant.

Paul D (es) wrote: Considering the director predominantly works in television, this is a pretty decent alien abduction movie with the added spice it's based on real events.

Scott A (de) wrote: Okay thriller about a guy that basically has it all and then meets another guy that is a 'bad influence' on his life, and at one point goes off the deep end and tries to frame the original guy for everything.Lowe is fun to watch at first, but his act seems to wear off once things get more serious. Spader is meant to be the good guy here, but at one point he seems to be just as bad as Lowe.Lisa Zane and Marcia Cross are the best things in the movie but both are under used big time. And hey in the night club scene, don't blink or you will miss a David Duchovny siting.Some things are set up like they will be a big plot point, Spader buying stock, but are never mentioned again and the ending seemed far too easy, while also leaving it wide open.See if for Lowe's crass character, but the story seemed to be edited down and missing stuff.

Povilas A (gb) wrote: viena geresni? dokumentik? :D

Michael K (fr) wrote: It succeeds in a market that is cluttered with B-movie garbage like sequels to American Pie and Bring It On to name just two tired by the numbers teen movie franchises. Sex Drive suceeds as an original take on the genre with some fresh essence instilled in the characters and some great supporting players (James Marsden, Seth Green, and many others) in memorable roles.

Tim R (fr) wrote: The Conjuring is one hell of a horror movie!

Jacob H (de) wrote: Can you rate lower than half a star?