The Long Falling

The Long Falling

After murdering her abusive husband, a woman on the run develops a friendship with another widow.

After murdering her abusive husband, a woman on the run develops a friendship with another widow. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan P (mx) wrote: Apartment 1303 sees a young woman move into a tower block in Detroit after sick of living with her alcoholic mother. Soon she realises not is all as it seems in the apartment and she tries to figure out what might have happened. Really poor film with quite poor actors

girlRyan (ag) wrote: As a big horror fan, I felt compelled to write a review on this one just because it was so damn awful. The movie was boring, the story sucked, the actors were not believable. Overall, one of the worst movies I've seen in a looong time.

Joanna A (br) wrote: An unexpected refreshing flick. It's witty, sassy, and most characters are troubled anything better than that I would not know.

Jonny P (it) wrote: "Heavens Fall" is a courtroom drama that allows all of its background details to be revealed through the trial. Rather than spending the first 25 minutes dramatizing the crime, developing the characters of the lawyers and witnesses, and gathering evidence, the duration of the film is the trial and surprisingly, it works! You may not develop an attachment to the lawyer as you would in a film that contains heavy characer development, the the focus of this film is the trial and not the lawyers. This is emphasized by the film ending at the end of the trial, the fate of the characters revealed by several captions on screen. And again, I was completely okay reading the information on the screen instead of extending the film by 25 mintes to dramatize all of the after effects. The film offers strong performances by Timothy Hutton, David Strathairn, Bill Sage, and one incredible emotional moment from Azura Skye, while the shock that this unfair court case is a true story looms over the entire duration of the film. "Heavens Fall" provides insight into the famous Scottsboro Boys by bringing this famed court case to life and showing the bigotry in the Alabama court system of the 1930's. I'd definitely recommend it for its strong acting performances and interesting details of the trial.

Gregory W (it) wrote: descent kinda funny stop motion clay animation.

Oscar R (es) wrote: Ojal que algn da la veas

David F (au) wrote: Retains a great amount of momentum even though it's the sequel to a sequel, this film is quite funny even though it's recycling some of the same material of its predecessors. Where's Oz?

Eugene H (ca) wrote: A solid slasher movie from Argentina. Great plot and visuals. Very engrossing, plus the cast of girls is first rate. Scary. Creepy. Fun.

Caio C (nl) wrote: E eu achando que via muitos filmes. RISOS

hcdbhdb n (br) wrote: In my opinion the movie was good but i like the book more than the movie.

Marc R (au) wrote: It's taken relationship failures of my own for this bouncing, melancholy style piece to grow on me. Its swirling depiction of lonely, lost lovers ricocheting off each other finds simple, endearing ways to connect with one's own feelings of romance, heartbreak, and the unpredictability of any given day.

Sonic says dont use that Shark testostrone (es) wrote: an abtract film that is very hard to follow.

Chris M (us) wrote: Even though the last five minutes are lost, Sadie Thompson is a fun little silent film that you might find yourself enjoying, if only for the delightful performances, especially from Swanson and Barrymore.Check it out!

Lisa B (fr) wrote: great movie but disappointing ending, I was hoping for a scarier ending than that

James H (ag) wrote: The cast alone make this one worth watching. Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracy make a good team, and Harlow is so wonderful in this. Fine story, typical MGM high quality from that era. Well photographed. The story does have some holes in the plot, but it's still a very enjoyable classic. A very young Mickey Rooney is great in a small role

Gareth J (mx) wrote: From the golden age of Hollywood - tells a story in 88 minutes that a modern studio would struggle go do in 3 hours. Slapstick to tragedy and back again. Docked just half a mark for the schmaltz ending.