The Long Hot Summer

The Long Hot Summer

Accused barn burner and con man Ben Quick arrives in a small Mississippi town and quickly ingratiates himself with its richest family, the Varners.

Accused barn burner and con man Ben Quick arrives in a small Mississippi town and quickly ingratiates himself with its richest family, the Varners. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (us) wrote: Salva's attempt to generate a fright feature built entirely out of mood, dismissing storytelling to maintain a tight focus on unexplained supernatural events, unexplained characters, and unexplained explanations. I say SKIP IT!!!

Rachel P (ag) wrote: heart, humor and innovative indie charm.

Jason S (mx) wrote: This was such a great white elephant present. Terrible movie though. I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

Sam T (es) wrote: A largely tedious and rather confusing character study/crime drama despite a promising set up. The thick Aussie accents didn't help as well.

Dr F P (it) wrote: Typical & predictable but still fun for late night TV, i'm lazy and it's 1am, so what? At first i wasn't going to bother watching this, i read the blurb and i straight away said NO to then go and pick something out. Well as i said i was lazy and couldn't be bothered to change the channel. It has to be said i was able to do some housework throughout the movie and not miss anything but for what it was it worked and as always Joan Cusack is a real gem, although she seemed to be typecast as this weird neurotic. Anyway, the cast are good at what they do, i found the pastor thing a little unbelievable, he didn't really seem THAT dedicated to his religion enough to be a pastor? It was nice to see Abigail Breslin so young too, but that's about it.

Elcer M (ru) wrote: The movie has not even a minute without the omniscient narrator, which makes me tireddeeply. The story is good, but not worth the suffering.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 3/1/2016: Ok at best. The story and fighting were ok, but some of the acting wasn't great.

Justin B (it) wrote: Though like a soap opera, it is by the far the most legitimately dramatic of the franchise and is surprisingly engaging,.. if you're into this sort of cheese.

Amber L (gb) wrote: Michael Caine is recruited by turncoat agent Karl Malden to take part in a convoluted intelligence scheme orchestrated by a sinister, colossal mainframe computer. The electronic cerebellum can weigh millions of variables to forecast the complex cause and effect of various intelligence community actions A super right wing association of capitalist whackos are employing the computerized brain to dominate the world intelligence community, lubricate the wheels of commerce, and when the time is right, insanely invade the USSR via the frozen Bering Strait. (If they'd waited a few years, maybe they could have used the Palin house as their base camp.)Caine is recruited to courier a deadly virus, and infiltrate the right wingers as a double agent. But can he trust or believe anybody he has contact with? Black humor and intrigue combined with memorable action sequences make Billion Dollar Brain an exciting but dark Cold War satire..

Dave H (de) wrote: A bit more rambling than expected, and not exactly noir. Fairly unspectacular and slow gangster/heist story, but the character stuff with the love triangle is given decent room to breath and is pretty interesting. The performances are excellent (or at least more naturalistic than early 40s standards). And the location work is extensive and superb (by the standards of any era). And Bogie is still Bogie.

Drew D (au) wrote: Probably the most generic anthology horror film I've ever seen. I wasn't really expecting much but man was this a lazy film. Boring, totally lacks in creativity, poor acting, and laughable special effects. I've known amateur film makers that sneeze better films than this. This movie makes Tales From The Crypt look like a work by Alfred Hitchcock. What else can be said than its a painful experience to sit through. If you want a better anthology horror film, watch Creepshow or Trick R Treat instead. Stay away from this horrid piece of shit at all costs.

David L (gb) wrote: This is probably twice as cheesy as the original but it continues right where it left of a year earlier, cuts out any irrelevant build up, and gives us plenty of action, several kills, classic slasher cliches, and a twist ending - what more do you need? It also stars Brandy and Jack Black, a token pop star who's big at the time and wants to begin a movie career, plus Jack Black who will look back at this and think 'what was I doing'?! You could compare it to Kelly Rowland and Johnny Depp's performance in a Nightmare on Elm Street, although the latter is a bit more credible. I love the setting for this, it's like the TV series Death in Paradise, whereby everyone on the island is either going to end up dead, or be the murderer. Of course we know that despite Jennifer Love Hewitt being the one the killer is after, that technically makes her the star, and the safest ass in the film. It's got all the ingredients I love about these type of movies, suspense, a memorable cast, an eerie setting, a good villain, and an enticement to watch it over and over again. It's around the era I first started watching horror movies and possibly what grew me more and more into an addiction for this genre. It's just a shame they never completed this series by making a memorable finale to the trilogy (only a straight to DVD episode which degrades the excitement of the previous two). I just suggest you sit back, relax, and enjoy the basic concept that is hooded killer playing cat and mouse with a fresh batch of teens - it's priceless fun!

Pablo C (gb) wrote: Aburrida, con un guion desaprovechado, personajes irritantes e irreconocibles (salvo honrosas excepciones como Cyborg y Batman) y un antagonista que solo sabe demostrar que es fuerte y gruir (Dios, Darkseid, Qu fue lo que te hicieron?).

Michael S Y (ca) wrote: A range-of-all-emotion masterpiece.

Middle Aged R (mx) wrote: Mixed reviews from folks on this one, but Ana and I really enjoyed it. Very touching story.