The Long Night

The Long Night

City police surround a building attempting to capture a suspected murder. The suspect knows there is no escape but refuses to give in.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   magic,   police,  

Police surround the apartment of apparent murderer Joe Adams, who refuses to surrender although escape appears impossible. During the siege, Joe reflects on the circumstances that led him to this situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karthik R (it) wrote: Excellent comedy. Meant for people to watch with their friends

Ryan F (ca) wrote: Absolutely love her!

Murder C (ru) wrote: A gigantic python escapes from a transport truck and is hiding in the sewers of Philadelphia. Now FBI has to stop it, but how are they gonna do that? Will they hire Steve 'crocodile hunter' Irwin? Will they set up giant mouse traps all over the sewers? No, they decide that the best way to stop the gigantic python is to release a gigantic boa to fight it out. Of course by just hearing the title and looking at the artwork for this movie, you know it should be not be taken seriously, but the main problem with the movie is that it takes itself to seriously... (unlike another movie with snakes... on a plane). The CGI is bad and the filmmakers know it as they try to hide it with quick cuts and off screen deaths, but the movie also contains too much talk and too little cheese and that makes it more boring than entertaining to watch. But it's not the worst movie ever, and the tits and ass of Angel Boris Reed adds another half star.

Serafin K (de) wrote: Movie is an incoherent mess. What a shame.

Victor T (fr) wrote: When it comes to artists, most countries have a couple of them that managed to earn a place in the history of art. Spain has Salvador Dali and Picasso, Italy has most of the Renaissance artists, Netherland has Vincent Van Gogh, Norway has Edvard Munch and Mexico has Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. We follow the life of a prettier version of Frida Kahlo, from her teen years to her final days. As a Mexican I have to admit that while I don't generally like Kahlos work as the majority of it is monotonous self-portraits (but when she goes for surrealism she shines gorgeously), but I have always find her story fascinating and sad, so there was plenty of source material for a drama and this biopic takes advantage of most of her tragic life. "Frida" is well made biopic that offers some interesting visuals, most of the acting is extremely solid with the best being Salma Hayek in her best performance to date (although it isn't that impressive either) and always fun to watch Alfred Molina, it uses the Mexican environment wisely, Molina and Hayek had pretty good chemistry, the corridos of the soundtrack are actually quite enjoyable to my surprise, the screenplay is straightforward and narrates numerous moments of this tragic life (I am extremely glad that they didn't leave out her political agenda), and it has some actually funny segments. With all the good of the film being said, let's address the issues of this biopic. Julie Taymors direction is extremely unbalanced, at times it is generic and manages to subtlety mimic Kahlos paintings in certain shots but then it becomes pretentious and extremely heavy handed; it follows most of the "Mexican clichs" (which I already mention in my review of "The Book of Life"), the pacing is inconsistent as it starts with this rushed vibe but by the second half it slow things out, some important moments of Fridas life are briefly explored while others are stretched needlessly, Hayek doesn't exactly looks like Kahlo (I get that they are trying to make her prettier-just because she has one eyebrow that doesn't make her as ugly- but that contradicts the whole message of the film), and I hate the fact that Spanish is the native language of most of the cast and the film is about a Mexican artist set in Mexico, so why they speak that dreadful "Spanglish"? "Frida" is an uneven biopic that has its moments but also has its flaws. I appreciate the fact they told a lot of Kahlos story thus making it an educational experience, but it doesn't has a lot to offer.

Ana B (kr) wrote: Un convincente Danny Glover como malsimo asesino...y algunos giros de guin que hacen una interesante pelicula.

David T (br) wrote: I love movies about cults, and this is by far the best I've seen. Gripping and harrowing, yet not without a healthy dose of early 80s melodramatic cheese. James Woods is a hoot to watch in what may possibly be his (unintentionally) sleaziest role to date, hamming it up tremendously while looking like a late 70s porn star and/or cocaine dealer. But I digress, this movie is otherwise extremely well acted and written, and is a very lifelike representation of being lured into a messianic cult. I do have to point out that I am a huge fan of the early 00's sitcom,Strangers With Candy, my favorite episode being the one about a religious cult. When I pushed play, I had no idea that that episode was an entirely dead-on spoof of this movie, which incidentally, features Deborah Rush, who portrayed the stepmother in Strangers With Candy. That may have been the reason for the half-star in my rating: catching things throughout the movie that the scenes from the show were spoofing.

Timothy J (fr) wrote: Another interesting film presented as a spotlight on Australian Film on TCM. A modern Anti-War film that really deals with the Morality.

Robert B (au) wrote: Performance is a great film for those that want to feel verve and are willing to pay the cost of nonconformity. The dialogue has got liveness and the music has soul; the attitude is rock-and-roll ("I am alive and well. You push the buttons.") The pacing is good, and goes back-and-forth with tension and play throughout, right up to a memorable climax. This is an arty kind of film, but is also challenging and edgy, with a fair amount of violence, sex, and drugs (mostly violence) in its look at what man is spiritually. The performances of Mick Jagger and Jamie Fox are very complementary, it has a naturally artificial feeling as they give each other a hard time and secretly love it (the bit where they are in bed together is pretty damn funny). This is the interesting 60s, where the setting is old but the vibe is fresh and unrestrained and un-50s.

Greg W (us) wrote: another winner from the tramp

Jonathan C (fr) wrote: A sequel that tries to replicate the original's suspense and scares, but gets side tracked by excessive gore and a high body count. E for Effort.

Trey W (es) wrote: Hell boy is about a demon that is summoned from hell, but was raised by paranormal researchers. And now is trying to stop evil. Hell boy was a generic, but fun thrill ride

Gabe F (gb) wrote: Joe sticks it to those damn hippies!!! Bout time too

Anna O (nl) wrote: Loved this film.. the ending is perfect.