The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

The eve of Tom Gerrins (Jack Lemmon) life could be worse. Widowed since three years he has two daughters, two sons, seven grandchildren. Now that he can no longer take care of himself, his home and belongings are sold and he moves in with his son.

The eve of Tom Gerrins (Jack Lemmon) life could be worse. Widowed since three years he has two daughters, two sons, seven grandchildren. Now that he can no longer take care of himself, his home and belongings are sold and he moves in with his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nasu N (br) wrote: I watched this with expectations that it was going to be shit, and it was painfully worse. Grab a generic story that doesn't go anywhere, an absolutely horrible car ride that is 80% of the entire film, hilarious and ANNOYING acting from Selena Gomez, cheesy, CHEESY, CHESSY FAR-FETCHED PIECE OF SHIT! Not to mention how dumb the entire film is and BORING. There was a point in the third act where I knew the director completely gave up. This movie is a waste of your time and shouldn't even be watched for guilty pleasures. I guess Ethan Hawke gave his best effort but the overall film limited his potential.

Stephen L (au) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie, but something didn't feel right about it. It had no Quebec identity despite being a Quebec film. I've always felt that if done right, film has no language. It doesn't matter if you do or don't speak french, the themes and struggles are universal (at least in the western world) but this movie could very well have been dubbed in English and I never would have guessed it was a Quebec film. It looks like 1970's america and the music, which is integral to the movie is mostly English. Quebec makes so few good movies I find it strange that they wouldn't have tried to incorporate some of their culture into this hugely successful and ambitious film. Maybe I was right and that language really is irrelevant or maybe I'm biased since I'm from Quebec, but it seems to me that they were making a movie that was intentionally accessible to Americans. I guess what they're saying is that america is the only market that matters.Oh well, rant over. Watch this movie!!!!

Jamil B (mx) wrote: Brilliant propaganda submerged in post-modern genre, excellently acted, shot & directed, but too heavy handed didactic to push Armenian "genocide" label for a brutal historical reality amidst chaotic political & ethnic conflict throughout the region. Glosses over Russian involvement & missionary bias. A strong cinematic statement, not entertainment.

John A (br) wrote: Usual Feel-Good, Made-For-TV Christmas Movie. This One See's Santa's Daughter Go To Earth & Joins A Family To Regain Their Christmas Spirit. The Usual Romantic Undertone Follows & The Fact The Boy Takes The Longest To Find The True Meaning Of Christmas. Not A Total Disaster Though.

Mererid J (br) wrote: cymru am byth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James F (de) wrote: In My Humble Opinion Its the best Damn Movie Ever made!

Brandon S (es) wrote: This movie shows a bat(fake bat) performing oral sex on a a woman who is chained to a pillar. For me thats the only thing noteworthy about this slow paced, soft core, porno. haha

Kyle M (br) wrote: Adapted from a short story about a fired - from both work and marriage - alcoholic need to let go and start anew. This drama tried to be charming with adapted originality, but it seem that the spotlight was only focusing on Will Ferrell's fine performance of portraying the alcoholic trying out a new lifestyle in his front yard with what he has left (the shape of the yard is like the shape of a room with "crap" he calls it)."Everything Must Go" may get you feel sympathetic, but there are some good selective cast and Ferrell's performance to make this enjoyable. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Harpreet S (jp) wrote: I was surprised to find out that Rita Hayworth had been married to Orson Welles at some point; of course I don't know anything about their personalities, but they seem to be a odd couple. I saw the same thing on the screen in "The Lady from Shanghai." Welles, I think, was more of a character actor rather than somebody who could play one half of a love affair. My two reasons for wanting to watch this film was Orson Welles' reputation as a important director and Rita Hayworth. It's my second time seeing her and I just love her to death. I think she outshines Welles and everybody else in the film, not just because of her looks but acting performance, too. I liked Welles' narration of the film and its screenplay (well written for the most part), but the plot was confusing and irritating at times. Also some of the shot selection and editing was out of the norm with a rough feel to it, I didn't really see a continuous flow or point behind them excluding the great "hall of mirrors" climax. Rita Hayworth and I think Welles' finale is what makes it a good film noir; the rest of the cast including Welles did a acceptable job in their roles, I can't say I loved them but everything gets better in the last thirty minutes. It's not as good as "Citizen Kane" or "Touch of Evil." I'll put it next to "Chimes at Midnight" and "The Magnificent Ambersons." Rita Hayworth is everything!