The Longshots

The Longshots

The true story of Jasmine Plummer who, at the age of eleven, became the first female to play in Pop Warner football tournament in its 56-year history.

The true story of Jasmine Plummer who, at the age of eleven, became the first female to play in Pop Warner football tournament in its 56-year history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vanessa R (ru) wrote: Loved! It was nice to see this, reminded me a bit of the classic cartoons.

Kaitlyn J (mx) wrote: How many times can you say BORING? This is very close to sickening boring.

Alyssa M (nl) wrote: "this is the only way I know how to do it" I was laughing so hard. the ending sucked. I really only watched it b/c Gaspard Ulliel was in it.

Ashley H (br) wrote: wasn't terrible, but certainly wasn't the best..i enjoyed the storyline, but some of the scenes were laughable!

Kevin R (br) wrote: Whatever it takes to stay in there...An American undercover agent is asked to infiltrate the Japanese Yakuza in the United States, earn their trust, and help bring them down. He falls in love with the boss' daughter and wants to keep her safe while bringing down the father. Meanwhile, the father and opposition put the officer in tough decisions to prove his loyalty."An American being accepted into the family doesn't happen every day."Frank Capello, director of No Way Back and He was Quiet a Man, delivers American Yakuza in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is mediocre and disappointing. The action is below average and the acting is also mediocre. The cast includes Viggo Mortensen, Michael Nouri, Franklyn Ajaye, Robert Forster, and Ryo Ishibashi."Death does not frighten you?""No. Not if it's for the right reason."I came across this on Showtime Anytime and had to watch this old Mortensen film. I found this painfully bad, clich, and poorly written. This was a horrible movie and not worth your time."Words are overrated."Grade: D

Tiffany C (es) wrote: haha an old old old spy movieB-) honestly i cant fully understand the whole story just by myself, needa ask dad, so i didnt enjoy watching it very much. but overall it's still not bad.

Brett B (de) wrote: Absolutely stunning. The images contained in this documentary are frequently breathtaking, and the narration by the astronauts is wonderfully interwoven with the visuals. One of the best documentaries I've ever seen.

Joan B (it) wrote: "Fantastic Planet" is fantastic.

David T (gb) wrote: Zorba is asked, "are you married?" and answers "I have wife, children... the full catastrophy" :) "When things go wrong don't let yourself down - dance ..." (to the sounds of greek music)

Blake P (jp) wrote: Katharine Hepburn plays an evil aunt. Elizabeth Taylor raises her voice to glass-shattering heights but smokes her way through a packet of cigarettes as the seemingly out-of-her-mind niece. Montgomery Clift is a brain surgeon who must decide whether or not to lobotomize Elizabeth Taylor, as Katharine Hepburn so desperately wants. "Suddenly, Last Summer" sounds batty, and it is batty. Based on Tennessee Williams' one-act play, which dealt with all sorts of taboo themes of the time (homosexuality, incest, cannibalism, pedophilia, you name it), "Suddenly, Last Summer" had controversy stamped on its forehead. The film version, thanks to the Hays Code, is watered down, but there are enough subtle jabs to get a glimpse of the undertones of the play. Williams himself may have denounced the screenplay he supposedly wrote, but somehow, "Suddenly, Last Summer" manages to work, even if it goes from thoughtful to Southern-fried. The film opens with a lobotomy; surrounded by young medical students, the lead surgeon is Dr. John Cukrowicz (Clift). The surgery is plagued with many different issues: a light bulb goes out and Cukrowicz's assistants don't seem to know what they're doing. The tone of the film is set. "Suddenly, Last Summer" is covered in sweat and nothing ever seems to go the way it's supposed to. It's better that way. Cukrowicz is informed that the wealthy Violet Venable (Hepburn) wants to see him, as she desperately wants a lobotomy performed on her niece, Catherine Holly (Taylor). Venable's beloved son, Sebastian, has just died, under mysterious circumstances, no less, and the last person to see him was Catherine. Since his demise, Catherine has been labeled as insane by nearly everyone around her. Cukrowicz's visits with her, and it's clear that Catherine isn't out-of-her-mind whatsoever; but it is also apparent that Sebastian's death isn't all that it seems, and Violet might know more than she's letting on. Without all of its sordid themes, much of the gusto "Suddenly, Last Summer" had is disintegrated, adding subplots that weaken the punch of the play's climax. The romance between Clift and Taylor is ludicrous - even if it was a romance movie instead of a Gothic melodrama, Clift is so wooden that any chemistry the two famously had before isn't evident. There are plenty of inspired bits that may not have worked in 1959 but do today: Hepburn's first scene is fittingly over-the-top and a tad bit campy, and Taylor's entire performance seems like a precursor to the madness she would later show in 1966's "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?". Her finest moment is certainly her ending monologue, but the most joyously insane scene in the film arrives when her character stumbles into the men's recreational room at the asylum. In this scene, her legs are grabbed, she screams at the top of her lungs, and the orchestral music is blaring. It's a moment of sheerly unhinged soap opera that adds nothing to the film, but remains its best scene anyway. "Suddenly, Last Summer" isn't uneven, because it knows what it is: off-the-rails. But sometimes, the melodrama is so exaggerated that mastery turns into theatrics, and it doesn't suit the film well.

Debra M (au) wrote: One of the best!!! I wish I had an Aunt like this...

Freddy F (gb) wrote: D = Well below average

Heather M (jp) wrote: I would normally watch anything based on a Poe story, but this looks like too many liberties have been taken.

Dead S (mx) wrote: Beautiful film, though unrealistic that a older man wouldn't take advantage of this situation.

Matt M (br) wrote: The Little family adopts a mouse and treats him like a child, but the family cat wants to get rid of him. Once you get past the ridiculousness of the plot, this is quite a harmless and amicably entertaining family movie that makes good use of CGI to make the character of the mouse look credible enough.

Tammy R (br) wrote: A sad one about cancer and a strong bond between two friends. Really good performances. I want a friend like Jess!

Oj H (de) wrote: umm, I couldn't get past the 15min mark, just because of the poorly shot and horribly edited talents behind this. there was absolutely no post production, and the directing was so boring within those 15min, it was going to be impossible to correct. bad filmmaking. unwatchable. shame on you Francis ford coppola. this was a student film at best.