The Look

The Look

A Group of teens come to New York for a modeling competition.

A Group of teens come to New York for a modeling competition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garry J (kr) wrote: Watching this makes me feel unclean.

Jason D (ru) wrote: Skull Heads is yet another entry from director Charles Band (Puppet Master franchise, Gingerdead Man franchise, Evil Bong franchise, etc) as his infamous Full Moon film company about the peculiar Arkoff family who live in a castle in Italy and shun the rest of society. The father is a madman who?s constantly punishing daughter, played by lead Robyn Sidney (who often shows up in Fool Moon movies, but her best work was in Wicked Lake) who is dimwitted, childish, and slightly unaware of the world outside of the castle (even though she owns an Ipod and cell phone), though she dreams of leaving the castle one day, which to her family is not an option. Soon, big shot producers and a director come to scout the castle for a film location and Sidney is begging for them to stay, much to the disdain of the family, but things aren?t what they seem to be as the visitors are actually robbers. Oh, did I mention there were little, skeleton skull head creatures that roam the castle, smoke the spleef, and can sense evil in a person? Well, there?s really no point to them, nor is there naming the entire movie after them since the Skull Heads are more like an afterthought as they are RARELY (I cannot stress this enough) seen in the film. They scare the robbers a couple of times and that is it! In fact, 99% of the film is having to endure the awful, awful acting in this atrocious sore-spot in Band?s career. The only slightly redeemable moment is Sidney was wise enough to show off her beautiful titties and ass in a small yet effective scene. The rest of this film is utter crap and a sad waste.

Caylin L (ru) wrote: Haha poor guy at the end

Dave F (ca) wrote: Although a bit slow at times, I enjoyed the story and all of the actors. I thought Wong Kar Wai did a very good job with this small gem. Its worth seeing.

Tyler S (jp) wrote: Besides deniro knockout performance as a homeless writer this movie is kind of cluttered and depressing. It follows Robert deniros character and his son who works at a homeless shelter. His father played by deniro shows up there one day and from there is focuses back and forth from each character as they try to live their lives. They both narrate the story and what is going on in their minds present in past. Both struggle with addiction and both are pretty interesting. The movie is a little cluttered and is carried by Robert deniros performance as Jonathan Flynn

Alex M (ru) wrote: Based on the Tony Award-winning play of the same name, 99% of this film is set entirely in an apartment as two sets of parents, one played by Christoph Waltz and Kate Winslet, and another played by John C. Reilly and Jodie Foster, meet to discuss a brawl that happened between each sets of parents' sons on the playground. What starts out as a civil discussion soon turns into an all-out war as each parent reveals a nasty trait about himself/herself, leaving none of them as sympathetic characters by the end. The performances are great, but by the end, the feeling is so claustrophobic you'll be relieved when the credits start rolling, even if the film is only 80 minutes long. 6/10.

Jake W (it) wrote: The most memerable movie from my childhood.

Kevin B (us) wrote: An unremarkable Bollywood tale of possession.

Panayiota K (ca) wrote: I don't care about the fighting but the characters were interesting

Robin (gb) wrote: Susan Hayward was a remarkable actress, and although she was fantastic, it was NOT her voice, they dubbed Jane Froman's voice.

Dax S (us) wrote: Terrible, awful to no plot, bad acting, cheesy parts, does not hold a candle to any other of the Die Hard movies.

Tyson P (fr) wrote: this movie was suprisingly a lot better than i was expecting, i looked at the cover and it seemed to be a straight to dvd that strived off its celebrity or proffesional fighter appearences(kimbo slice) but i was suprised to see that there was a little bit of a storyline here and an impressive well used budget. the only thing i could complain about was that there were some flaws in the fight scenes, especially the first one. the actors seemed to be waiting for the next choreographed punch, kick, or through but thankfully i did not notice this throughout the whole film. all in all i would recommend it for people but warn you not to get your expectations up. go in it with low expectations and you might be pleasently suprised. 100% on the tomatometre is way to high.

Cody Z (de) wrote: An abysmal adaptation to William Golding's novel with a screwed up script and pointless nonsense that had nothing to do with the original plot. Nowhere near as good as Peter Brook's 1963 film of LOTF.

Julia F (fr) wrote: I HATE chick flicks. When I was hesitant wanting to watch it because I thought it was a chick flick. The only reason I wanted to watch it was because Dave Annable is HOT. But this movie is NOT A CHICK FLICK. It was great! Intense, action packed, and hilarious. A little romance at the end but whatever. This movie was great an I recommend it to EVERYONE!

Cedric L (kr) wrote: Sweet and charming romantic comedy.