The Lost Atlantis

The Lost Atlantis

Two soldiers--searching the Sahara for Atlantis--are captured by raiders from the lost city. They are taken before its beautiful queen who has over 50 mummified ex-lovers! What follows is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moya W (it) wrote: Janie Jones is a story about abandonment and alienation. The storyline was incredible and mesmerizing, but sadly the movie wasn't quite as good. Abigail Breslin was fantastic, with her musical talent and her wonderful acting skills she most certainly blew me away. The movie was still a bit slow and hard to get into but otherwise it was an important movie with a great soundtrack. It shows what it takes to realise who you really are and what you've been missing all your life without you even knowing it.

Chen B (nl) wrote: this movie is great! iI really love this movie...the dog is so amazing!

brian w (kr) wrote: A pretty good film...

Eva M (it) wrote: OK. Not sure if the movie itself knew where it was going. Adam Brody's character was nice - too nice, in fact: not very believable with his utter niceness, sensitivity and always being equipped with the right words. But nice.

Trent B (jp) wrote: An engaging doco about, not so much the sport, but why the people who do it, do. Works as a doco on a general level, not just for fans, along the lines of Murderball and Some Kind of Monster. Features honest interviews, superb narration and posseses a genuine cinematic feel in places.

Michael S (kr) wrote: A Dredd-ful (get it?) comic book adaptation caught between trying to appeal to a younger crowd (Rob Schneider as comic relief, God-awful one liners) and an older one (some scenes of gruesome violence). In the end, no one will be satisfied, except fans of bad movies.

Paul D (es) wrote: A semblence of a story line coupled with some half decent fight scenes make this normailly "missable judging by the cover", one that is just about worth a look, but don't expect great things.

Noah T (ca) wrote: The butter cream gang!!!! ha ha ha I love it. Ok, let me start this brief review by stating that I have not seen this movie for about 12 years so I am going to write it from the perspective of my younger self. This movie tells a story of four kids who start a gang in the name of good called, "The butter Cream Gang". This gang does not slang drugs, hurt others, or cause any kind of of trouble what so ever. They instead help those in need, volunteer they're time in the name of good, and live a life of morality. One day, one member of the gang has to move away and ends up in a real gang and becomes corrupt and tragic right. He eventually returns home and the original Butter Cream Gang embraces him. Sadly he brought the real gang mentality with him and begins to trouble the town and more specifically the original gang he was once apart of. The whole movie is then a telling of how the Butter Creamers deal with they're long lost members antics and how good overcomes to speak. Look, nobody is going to ever go find this movie and watch it because in all reality in was never intended for anyone beyond the age of 12. I'm writing this review because I remember watching it as a young kid and relating. This movie deals with the whole bully issue head on and growing up I hated bullies!!! So, I watched this movie and felt inspired to deal with my own adolescent demons ha ha. This is funny as shit to write because I 'm quite sure if I were to watch this movie today I would laugh my ass off at how cheesy and low budget it really is, but as I child I felt inspired by this movie to be better. So.....should you ever read this review (doubtful) and have kids over the age of 7 and under the age of 13,(even more doubtful) then go find this movie and let them watch. They will like it cuz they are to innocent to know how messed up the world really is and if this movie does one thing its to tell the young ones that doing the next right thing really does matter. Now, for all you adults who will never watch this movie.....don't. Cuz you and your inability to digress from life experience with make a fool of this humble yet nice attempt to promote good. DID YOU KNOW? The ButterCream Gang was formed several decades prior to the storyline during the war. The local women were left unable to churn butter with their men gone. A group of boys began going around town to help them do this (hence the name) and other chores. Over the years, the group expanded to four members and eventually came to do all sorts of helpful things for the locals. See?..this movie derived from history!! Who knew

SuperBen S (us) wrote: Fell asleep during it. That pretty much says it all.

R Treybian P (it) wrote: You know, every blue moon my wife jokingly says, "Hey, what about Alaska? Let's move there". My answer's always the same- "If they gotta pay you too live there, that shows it sucks". Perpetual daylight, and 30-day long periods of night. And then there's this movie. If vampires were real, and vampires were strategic, OF COURSE, THEY'D ATTACK IT!!! 30 days of night??? Beyond that, movie wise, this was an okay movie. A fun time, if not a "good" movie.

Greg H (de) wrote: A horrendous attempt at recreating a classic comedy that didn't need a sequel.

Freddie K (us) wrote: "Your mom goes to college."Napoleon Dynamite is the cinematic equivalent of a plate of really good Nachos. As it's opening credit's suggest, the food cooked in Napoleon Dynamite is not a cuisine of highest excellency, it's not a tour de force but it shouldn't be. Like Nachos, it's tortilla chips are pathetic, or can be pathetic at times which is the film's release of fantastic comedic moments. Pathetic is the film's number one aim, which in turn the conflict arises is petty, dumb yet oh so humorous. Your body quickly adapts to it's rolling of the eyes styled backing board of the movie as Napoleon hangs a toy from a string from the school bus window. Why does he do this? I have no idea but it sets the tone ever so well. The cheese topping this fine plate of greasy, oily fried goodness is the fantastical imagination released in it's climax, a battle of the cringes, through dance and music and humble revelations to every character's infinite frustrations. It's what makes this film special and unique. Napoleon Dynamite is a hidden hero amongst minority men, the batman of fat lard city, a poorly drawn fantasy. A Liger in it's central crest...A96/100

Heather M (es) wrote: I am definitely going to pass on this one. What a mess!