The Lost Future

The Lost Future

A group of post-apocalyptic survivors, struggle to survive in a world where jungles and forests and primeval wetlands and deserts have obliterated civilization. They staunchly face genetically mutating beasts and mysterious diseases in an attempt to re-establish the human race as masters of Earth.

In a post-apocalyptic future where mankind is nearly extinct and infected mutants stalk their every move, jungles, forests, primeval wetlands and deserts have obliterated civilization, a small band of survivors seek the cure that could save what remains of the human race. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard S (fr) wrote: Lilting is undeniably thin, but the scruffily adorable Ben Whishaw absolutely broke my heart as a man who reaches out to his dead lover's traditional Chinese mother, a woman who had never accepted their relationship. Whishaw and Andrew Leung make a beautiful couple whose quiet tenderness is touching and believable, and Pei-pei Cheng and Peter Bowles are amazing. Rewarding for the patient viewer.#dlmchallenge #2

Tuany S (us) wrote: I got laughs out of mere stupidity and vagueness of this film.

Victor M (ag) wrote: An unconventional police drama film by Herzog. Also a film about madness, a situation well performed by Michael Shannon.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Bad dreams bring good fortune.A cab driver down on his luck has lost his wife and daughter and does his best to make ends meet by working long hours and gambling. He racks up gambling debts to the wrong kind of people and doesn't know how he can pay them back in time to prevent something terrible from happening to him. He is offered the chance to earn a ton of money if he becomes an assassin that could turn his life around; unfortunately, after his first mission he realizes things are anything but better. "Even if I sell your eyes, your guts, and your sleazy daughter to a dirty pimp, it still won't cover your debts."Na Hong-jin, director of The Chaser, delivers Yellow Sea. The storyline for this picture is first rate and a nice blend of violence, characters development, and crime drama. I adored how this film was presented and the pace of the picture. The ultimate conclusion, after the credits, was also well done. The acting is perfect and the cast includes Ha Jung-woo, Kim Yun-seok, and Jo Sung Ha."Your wife is fucking around on you. Why would she want to give you money?"Yellow Sea is a movie I found on Netflix and decided to give a chance based on its interesting plot. I found the film very well done. It isn't as good as Ishii the Killer or Old Boy, but I found it every entertaining and a very nice addition to the thriller genre. This film contains dynamic characters and a great story. This is definitely worth your time! "You have to bring me his finger. The thumb."Grade: A

John L (ru) wrote: A Hitchcock "Rear Window" rip-off that doesn't have the nearly the kind of character and plot development, pacing and tension Hitchcock has in his. Save your time and money, and watch "Rear Window" instead. I wasted mine with this not knowing how much it plagiarized Hitchcock's masterpiece.

Buggy B (mx) wrote: Based on the true story of a US Navy fighter pilots struggle of survival after being shot down and captured during a mission over Laos during the Vietnam war. Considering the material this was not as good as it should have been. It's a bit cheesy actually and winds up feeling more like an episode of Locked Up Abroad with the bad re-enactments. Steve Zahn does a great job as another POW as does Jeremy Davies but Christian Bale is terrible with the best part of his acting job being the weight loss. I also found the sound of his voice annoying particularly when he's yelling, weird I know. The ending is also too much, with the kidnapping back to the ship (Rescue Dawn) and all the rah, rah once aboard, like he's a rock star or something. So bad, I can't believe this really happened. In all honestly I never got the feel of the 60's here either, maybe the 80's. Disappointing as a whole. 7/5/14

Natalie L (gb) wrote: I love ron white he is the bomb no questions asked.

Matthew G (de) wrote: Anti-Capitalist critique of American imperialism crossed with quasi-Sapphic scenes featuring two of the hottest women in the world, with some unnecessary comic interludes. Last line: "How are the banks in Europe?" This is a film which may, strangely, improve with age.

Michal (kr) wrote: Skv?l parodie p?evn? na Ramba, m to prost? mrnc. A ?m vc film? znm, tm vc narek tam vidm a objevuju v tom nov vtipn v?ci.

Chris G (au) wrote: Great reputation. Does it deserve? I think so.

Tristan C (jp) wrote: Decent B movie terrible dialogue