The Lost Patrol

The Lost Patrol

A World War I British Army patrol is crossing the Mesopotamian desert when their commanding officer, the only one who knows their destination is killed by the bullet of unseen bandits. The patrol's sergeant keeps them heading north on the assumption that they will hit their brigade. They stop for the night at an oasis and awake the next morning to find their horses stolen, their sentry dead, the oasis surrounded and survival difficult.

A dozen British soldiers, lost in a Mesopotamian desert during world war I, are menaced by unseen Arab enemies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (ca) wrote: This is a good action movie that isn't as much like Robin Hood as I'd have originally thought. Granted it has much of the same themes, such as the bandits giving what they take from the rich to the poor, who were defrauded out of their land and forced to go hungry for weeks on end by privileged people who take everything away from them. This somewhat reminds me somewhat of a The Good, The Bad, The Weird in that it is an action western. Except in this case, it's a western without the guns. But the way it's shot and even the score reminds you of a western. It's obviously not as good as the aforementioned film, which would rate among in my top 5 favorite action films of all time, but this is an entertaining film with a story that, while not particularly complex, is something that you very easily get into since it's such an easy story to tell if it's done well. Perhaps it lacks a little emotional depth to truly make you care for these characters, but all the characters are likable and the villain is simple but effective at making you dislike him. I don't really have much to say about this film to be honest, I'm struggling to find things to say. I had to stop the movie for a while because I was tired so, in that way, the film didn't seem as long to me as it did to others, but I can see how some people would think that this was much too long in some respects. I don't think there's enough interesting character work to warrant the film being this long. But I think even that is part of how it's trying to emulate a classic western epic. But the film is well-acted, nothing wrong with it at all. While some South Korean films rely too much on maudlin melodrama I think, at their cores, most of them are actually well-acted films that don't come across that way due to the melodramatic antics. Thankfully, however, this movie doesn't rely on that. That's not to say it doesn't have its more 'down' moments, if you will, it's just that they don't exploit it for all its worth. Another thing about the movie is that it's fairly dark in the sense that there's some fairly violent visuals that I wouldn't have expected. Not that they feel out of place, I just wouldn't have expected it. That's about it really. It borrows heavily from spaghetti westerns and old samurai films like Seven Samurai and Robin Hood. But it does so in a way that the film is still very entertaining, even if it doesn't come close to its influences as it relates to quality. Still this is a good movie and a more than solid Netflix Instant watch.

Niro S (de) wrote: The movie's strong historical opening sequence is enthralling and keeps your eyes glued. For a momentous opening, the latter is a slow montage of unnecessary love story and songs which dulls the screenplay.The pacing is choppy which disturbs the flow. Johny Tri Nguyen steals the show whenever he appears. Although the premise of the story is flawed and sometimes questions logic, it's mash-up with science , history and sci-fi is undeniably astonishing and makes us forgive it's flaws. Kudos to the director for this daring venture. The movie's message is plain and clear as I left the cinema proud to be a Tamilian. PS: This movie does not borrow elements of Assassin Creed, it's smart as it stands on it's own.

Rodney S (fr) wrote: Your enjoyment level of this documentary may depend on both your interest in vino and Maynard James Keenan (Lead singer of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifier). As an avid follower of both topics, I have eagerly sought out this enaging and edifying examination of the numerous dimensions of this often elusive artist and his passion for wine. The documentary infuses humour and some tongue in cheek silliness into what is usually considered a serious and sacred topic, though it never disrespects the subject matter. I felt this to be a rich and rewarding experience that would only be bettered by tasting a bottle of Northern Arizona's fine Cabernet.

Scott M (es) wrote: Okay comedy. Wilson seems to play variations on the same characters.

Kevin v (kr) wrote: A very great, thrilling political and hijacking action movie.. With great performances by Glenn Close, Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.. With U.S. President James Marshall as a previous Vietnam hero, who struggles to secure the hostages himself and to overpower the hijackers.. Finally, 32 of the hostages made it to safety by use of emergency chutes.. Then, the president is caught and taken hostage by the hijackers, where he finally overpowers the remaining men and their leader Korshunov (Oldman), and throws the latter off the chute room from the plane.. They retake control of Air Force One and get into a fight with Kazakstan MiGs, from which three are quickly taken out by security F-15's, then the remaining MiGs flee.. Air Force One suffers from severe damage and is unable to land. After a few hours, the First Family and the wounded Chief of Staff are rescued by a Liberty 24 Plane, as Air Force One's engines fell out and then crashes into the Caspian Sea.. Very thrilling and fearing action fight scenes and the rescue scene, and the story behind the hijacking make this action thriller a great piece of work. I give an 8

Cassie S (es) wrote: This is an awesome flick

Daniel V (gb) wrote: One of my favorite John Wayne westerns. Robert Mitchum is so good as a drunk but noble sheriff and James Caan, a very young James Caan, getting his Sonny Corleone on as hot headed knife throwing hot head. Team those two up with getting a bit past his prime but still his royal Dukeness of badass, John Wayne and you got one of hell of entertaining cowboy flick.

Hoyee L (ag) wrote: The movie, Young Sherlock Holmes, is pretty good.

J M (it) wrote: Uh, good makeup. The direction/pace is some of the worst I've seen. A very long 78 minutes. Sorry Andy.

Anton C (us) wrote: The Hour of the Wolf is probably one of the best-timed films I've ever seen. An eery and disturbing psychological film that transcends the boundaries between the mind and the noumenal realm. What the audience better perceives are the nightmarish and darkly subconscious images, sounds, and frightfully suspenseful ambiance that constitutes the film's general psychotic essence.

D M (ru) wrote: Herman Muster inherits a title as well as lots of money and a castle in England, so the family ventures over there to start their new life. They are not well liked due to the 300 years of the English wing of the family having a reputation of being seen as the "others" - odd, alien, bloodsuckers who are known for such misdoings as poisoning wells and killing people in the countryside and doing strange things to the bodies. The family has a nefarious reputation, but are wealthy and have been able to buy off the town constable. I wasnt familiar with the series, but I found this rather enjoyable with lots of gags, especially owing to the classic Universal monsters.

Richard M (ag) wrote: This is a freaky movie, I loved it.

Greg W (nl) wrote: this is one of three movies bottoms made in 1971-not bad 4 a newomer

Tyler E (fr) wrote: Elizabeth Olsen is fantastic in this creepy character-driven drama that depicts both life during and after becoming part of a cult. [A]

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