The Lost World

The Lost World

The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where prehistoric creatures still roam.

The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where prehistoric creatures still roam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Lost World torrent reviews

Jeffrey A (ag) wrote: Crazy yet funny movie

JW V (us) wrote: Interesting documentary that takes a look at a unique subject: trappers in Siberia. Good but not great. The documentary could have had a better structure, and be more exhaustive. This 90 minutes movie is just providing us a glimpse. Also, the translators' voice-acting could have been better.

Jorge O (fr) wrote: Thai tradition! Funny comedy with romance, nerd trying to get back at the thief who stole his software. At the same time his college crush reappears and this time she has a daughter. Great bollywood film, not too much dancing.

Anirban C (es) wrote: gooseflesh :D based on kiranjit s autobiography : in total a nice watch .

bill s (de) wrote: My favorite doc and one of the best movies of the year,Kane is just amazing to watch .What an interesting,touching story that's last few minutes will break break your heart.

Cameron M (kr) wrote: Preferred the book, but isn't that nearly always the way?

Vince N (de) wrote: The lion cloth and blow gun help Mimi-Siku navigate the Big Apple. Tired stock brokering Dad figures out his ongoing role. "Classic Tim Allen."

Lisa P (gb) wrote: "What's that ice cream dork doing out so late?"

Juan A (jp) wrote: The same old formula.

Robert H (fr) wrote: The fun of Lou Ferrigno as Sinbad is unfortunately made to be so annoying due to voice overs and the constant interuption of some mother telling the tale to her kid before bed that I really wish I had the source material for this film so I could edit her out completely. If she wasn't there this would be a super fun and enjoyable Canon Films release... as it is, it's just hard to watch

Matthew J (it) wrote: "Throw Momma from the Train" has a limited number of laughs and fails to be charismatic despite it's talented cast.

Daniel T (de) wrote: In this film, Michael Caine cruises around the Mediterranean wearing a nice white suit & generally just not giving a shit. And I am okay with that. Here's what he says to an investigator: MICHAEL CAINE: "Is that a discotheque?" INVESTIGATOR: "No." MICHAEL CAINE: "Then it's not my scene."What is Pulp? Pulp is a 1972 dry farce movie in which a pulp novelist (Caine) is hired to ghostwrite the biography of an ex-Hollywood star exiled in Malta. The star is assassinated by a priest, Caine schleps around Malta wearing big sunglasses & tries not so much to solve the mystery as save his own ass with the minimum effort & witty British voiceovers. Every line bounces & pings with a sort of humor that doesn't make its way into screenplays anymore, & Mickey Rooney co-stars as Mickey Rooney.Through this, we also kind of learn what pulp itself is, & pulp itself is the act of sliding by on gutsy impulse, but doing it in dense style. Caine embodies this in performance just as the film does in aesthetics. Malta thrives on the camera & the beauty is as dense as it is surreal. Every shot is a little Greco mural in a little film frame, & not because it wants to be; it is because it has the class & lack of pretension to be what it is naturally & to be what the film calls for without drawing attention to itself. Images of priests with machine guns, clairvoyants having a shave in a mirror reflection, goats in front of a crucifix at a beachfront shootout--they're not there for the sake of pure aesthetic, they are the aesthetics of what is called for.And that is what style is. That is what movies used to be. That is pulp, which is the real meat of the thing.

William W (de) wrote: Though for the classic Hammer 'Dracula' series starring Sir Christopher Lee as the 'protagonist' it loses oomph for not also starring Sir Peter Cushing (who always seemed to get the best work out of Lee in the Hammer days), this still is wildly admirable and a must-watch. The wonderful (and ingenious) poster, on its own, more than makes up for Cushing's absence.

VJ B (br) wrote: Watch Gary Cooper pull a man's clothes off! Really!

Pam R (ag) wrote: Great movie! Full of espionage and chases! I anxiously waited to see how Rupert was going to save the day and find the traitor. If you like British dramas and thrillers, I think you'll enjoy this film. I did!

Diana S (es) wrote: Don't waste your time.

Cooper H (ru) wrote: DiCaprio eats up the scenery, but can barely be seen thanks to terrible lighting throughout the film. It does a good job at telling Hoover's story well and is especially captivating near the end, despite some rough makeup.

Nina J (mx) wrote: come on it got a goat in it of course it's gd