The Love Patient

The Love Patient

A heart broken ad exec pretends to have cancer to trick his ex-boyfriend into falling in love with him again. When the brash Paul (Benjamin Lutz), realizes his ex-boyfreind, the sensitive souled Brad (John Werskey), is dating one-time Bowflex model, Ted (Jackson Palmer) he comes to terms that he has lost him for good. Grasping for straws, Paul concocts an outrageous scheme to win back his sympathy – he stages his own cancer diagnosis. Things seem to be going in Paul’s favor until his mother moves into his house, clears out the furniture and puts in a home-care hospital facility. Additionally, she has the rest of the family move in, most notably Paul’s rich bitch sister who senses his scheme from the very start.

Paul is a success who has gone stale with his work and his life. He has lost the love of his life but they are still co-workers. So he decides to "get" cancer so he can be popular again ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel D (jp) wrote: If you liked the State, Children's Hospital or Wet Hot American Summer than you will like this Absurdist spoof of the rom-com genre. Simple as that. If you don't...then I'm not sure we can still be friends.

Monjit B (us) wrote: Crapiest RGV movie ever.. May be Aag was the one.. Not much diff.. Camera angles make it more horrible.. The movie is a big torture!!!

Des S (ag) wrote: This as a pretty good movie, but I really wish the ending would have been different.

Uriel G (de) wrote: Less coherent than the first. Not only is it bad, it's laughably bad, trying to replicate the great atmosphere and special effects of 300 but failing miserably both in recreate in some weird way the history of Themistocles and in a techincal way.

eric w (mx) wrote: I think cinderella3 is the best out goin cinderella yet.

Patrick N (au) wrote: One of my favorite films.

Erin F (de) wrote: One of the few movies that makes me so incredibly angry I can't sleep lol. Excellent film.

Erin O (ru) wrote: Yes, it's '60s melodrama. But it's also a pretty good - and relevant - commentary about war, not to mention a great role for James Stewart.