The Love Rebellion

The Love Rebellion

Young Wendy Fletcher accepts an invitation to a love-in from some artists who participate in group sex. They are all infatuated by her innocence and the entire group takes her to bed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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The Love Rebellion torrent reviews

Anson L (es) wrote: A flimsy story with many unexplained aspects is saved by the beautiful French language and scrumptious shots of anything but simple French food.

Thiago C (us) wrote: One of the best action/sci-if movies of all time!

Adam H (gb) wrote: This is a good movie, not ass good as the first but still good story and nice twist.

Birdie S (br) wrote: Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Spike Lee, but I did not like this movie at all. Now Anthonay Mackie is very sexy in this movie, but shoot that's about all I liked..

Keenan S (es) wrote: After witnessing the horrible disaster that was Against The Dark, it made me instantly wary of newer Steven Seagal films. Thankfully, Out For A Kill delivers what I would hope from a Steven Seagal flick. It's pure cheesy nonsense (Seagal as an archaeologist? Really?), but thanks to awesome action scenes and solid direction, Out For A Kill proves itself to be a fun little action film. If you enjoy Seagal's action flicks or you like stupid action films in general, this one should get the job done for you.

Carmine L (ru) wrote: I can't believe this movie took so long to come out ! Norman Reedus from "The Boondock Saints " and Mark Boone Jr. from "Sons of Anarchy" play a poet and a musician in LA looking for a gig. They find this cool looking magic box that creates music that they use to get the gig of a lifetime. One surprise I really did like was that Eric Roberts ("Batman:The Dark Knight"), while in another role as a villain, was really pretty cool in the movie. There is even a scene where he's playing the piano ! I did not know he played. I think everyone should check this movie out. Its refreshing to see good independent films that become available. I read that this movie is self distributed as well. Go Indie's ! Keep it up.

Movie F (ag) wrote: A poorly made film that was a waste of time. I really like both John Travolta and Forest Whitaker but this film was really bad.

Cathy P (nl) wrote: I kind of loved this movie...silly, funny, and Kel is something else.

Jessie A (nl) wrote: I love this movie!!!!

Amber S (es) wrote: It used to scare the crap out of me and it still does! theres just nothing better then costume and animatronic monsters that just scare me more then the digitally made ones there just more realistic in every way!!

Michael W (gb) wrote: Aliens strategically land in college town to maximize prime specimens for research but mistakenly arrive during summer break. Not without its appeal but largely incompetent production. Tony O'Dell would go from playing a college student here to playing a high school student for the next five seasons of Head Of The Class.

Filippo L (mx) wrote: Primo film italiano sulla polizia. Un grande giallo d'ispirazione americana incentrato sul'equilibrio tra la nevrosi portata dal potere e il desiderio kafkiano di arresa. Ottima interpretazione di Volont e bellissima colonna sonora di Morricone

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: Steven Spielberg's star was already assured by the time he made this, this petite monster, garish, crude and loud, hobbled together with elements from other films (like some of the cast of Animal House, some of the madcap of The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, an altered version of Benny Goodman's Sing, Sing, Sing, that wacked out cowboy pilot from Doctor Strangelove, etc., etc., etc.), all in an hope to achieve "zany!" ... which he misses by that much. Pass.

Bill B (mx) wrote: One of the first films that I recall watching and feeling as if I'd discovered some sort of secret adult world as a teen. I recall catching it numerous times on network television as a kid, then once in the VHS days, but this recent Blu-ray re-watch really blew the doors off as far as how good the film can look.Great stuff, sleazy and stylish fun.Well worth a rental.

Camden M (gb) wrote: It is too long and doesn't get good until the end.