The Love We Make

The Love We Make

"The Love We Make", a film directed by Albert Maysles ("Gimme Shelter") and Bradley Kaplan, follows Paul McCartney as he journeys through the streets of New York City in the aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. It also chronicles the planning and performance of the benefit concert that took place less than six months after the attacks: "The Concert For New York City".

In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, Paul McCartney travels through the streets of New York and organizes a benefit concert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas D (de) wrote: It's has it charming moments and is beautifully filmed with a good surprise ending, but the odd feel just made the whole film feel very unnecessarily awkward.

Marco P (nl) wrote: It's not so much a documentary than it is a faux-thriller, very clumsily executed with promising material that was wasted. Two thumbs down.

Rob H (au) wrote: It was a great conclusion that had me on the edge of my seat. The ending though was somehow both heartbreaking and somewhat underwhelming at the same time. Although if you watch the show from the start up until this TV/ straight to dvd movie (depends on what country you were in at the time) you will know what happens ahead of time but not how. (Considering my immediate assumption I've never been so happy to be wrong at least

Stewart T (au) wrote: Story of a suburban house wife who gets threatened and then chased by a gang of murderous young thugs, once they reach the woods she turns from a frightened ordinary woman into a female version of Rambo. Shows how far Basinger has fallen in this straight to video B movie.

Dianne B (gb) wrote: I want to really bash this movie because I couldn't get through it but at the same time I want to give it credit for the concept. My problem with it is the forced, insincere interviews that were the result of bad acting. And the movie really didn't have a flow to it. I think what happens to so many movies these days is a desire to be edgy like a music video but in that imitation becomes like an orange-flavored candy compared to an orange. I would have liked a real documentary on the same subject and less about sex. Who really cares about confessionals on kinky sex nowadays? I'm serious. I think we as a society would like to hear more about just normal perceptions between men and women---I'm not a prude but everything btwn a man and a woman is not about sex. So that's why this movie turned me off. Sorry JohnK. --love your acting a lot though!!

Ben H (ru) wrote: I'm pretty sure an amazing documentary could be made about any of these artists, but as a whole for me, this documentary doesn't work. Continuous interviews are poorly linked together that make for altogether pretty monotonous viewing.

Bryan W (it) wrote: About time this movie came out.

Scott R (jp) wrote: both heartbreaking and inspiring

Samuel L (nl) wrote: Gross, perverted and deeply sexual. One of the best underseen 80's body horror movies.

Rohit V (kr) wrote: Subhash Ghai is in full form in this one (which is a remake of 'Falak'). In fact, it is movies like this that prove why, at one time, Subhash Ghai's movies were an event that Indians looked forward to. And were not disappointed. Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Rakhee and everyone else in this movie has put in great performances. Bollywood masala fare at its best.

CJ C (kr) wrote: In the movie, Ronald wasn't bad, he was just terribly stupid. In the book, he was a rapist & very bad. A creepy, 70's made-for-tv movie.

Lyle W (ru) wrote: Very little to do with Santa Fe Trail; mostly about John Brown, Bleeding Kansas, and Harper's Ferry. Don't look for historical accuracy here -- has every general of the Civil War (except Lee) graduating from the same class.

Katie R (gb) wrote: This is an excellent story, and this is the best film version. It's pretty much the role Gloria Swanson was born to play.

Christina E (mx) wrote: A horror fan must see. This film holds the record for the longest rape scene in history (roughly 25 minutes), has been banned and has no musical score. Yet, all of those things combine to create an experience you'll never forget.

Joe W (nl) wrote: A pretty mediocre movie in my opinion. Has some cool practical effects but honestly nothing that amazed me too much.While the creature is a cool concept the rest of the movie is pretty cliche monster movie. The acting was B movie grade and some of the cgi was terrible. I have to give the creators credit as it is a very ambitious project trying very hard to follow in the steps of John Carpenter's The Thing.Had this movie had a better writers and a bigger budget you could tell it could have been a lot more then it was.

Anthony K (ca) wrote: This was pretty shallow, no story line, terrible acting, strung together by mindless violence.