The Loveless

The Loveless

Trouble ensues when a motorcycle gang stops in a small southern town while heading to the races at Daytona

Trouble ensues when a motorcycle gang stops in a small southern town while heading to the races at Daytona. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maksim B (us) wrote: Far from being polished or mainstream-friendly, Anthropoid is a captivating, hard-to-chew and raw war-time B-movie drama. Slow-paced and simple, it defies the traditional story-telling for the genre and turns into a sour tribute to the heroes responsible for one of WWII's boldest assassinations. Bolstered by devoted performances this movie is a story of boldness and courage, as well as a dark reminder of the monstrosity of the war.Based on actual events, Anthropoid tells the story of a group from the Czechoslovakian resistance during the World War II, which organized the assassination of the highest ranking Nazi SS Officer, Reinhard Heydrich during the war. The duo Josef Gab?k (Cillian Murphy) and Jan Kubis (Jamie Dornan) return from an exile in London with the task of organizing the assassination. Driven by Gab?k's ultimate determination the Prague resistance undergoes multiple challenges to conduct this sort of almost suicide mission.Restrained and down-to-earth Sean Ellis II's movies does not rely on noisy action sequences or amazing cast presence. Sloppy in the beginning, the story improves its pace with the increase of the stakes as the mission progresses. One of the main advantages of Anthropoid is that the movie works fine it is total and there are no standing our actors or scenes that could be considered "Hollywood-over-the-top". The cast ensemble is chosen nicely in order to contribute to revealing the story, the hardships during the war and the ultimate sacrifices demanded by all. Having said this,(SPOILER ALERT) it should be pointed out that the movie is certainly not a feel good experience simply because true stories rarely finished with a happy end .In conclusion, Anthropoid is a finely crafted war-time drama which manages to overcome its pacing issues and delivers a well-balanced blend of solid acting, intriguing story and a thoughtful depiction of a story which deserved to be brought on the silver screen much earlier.

David S (de) wrote: Cop Out is a classic case of a film relying too heavily on the cast, and neglecting the story, character development and script. Consequently, the humour is non-existent, the characters are silly, and the story is a clich blend of typical buddy-cop methods. It is thoroughly disappointing to see such actors pushed into such a failure of a movie.

Rene S (nl) wrote: Demasiado lenta para ser un filme de accion y demasiado pretensiosa como todo filme comercial mexicano

Honore T (us) wrote: I'm not much of a horse movie guy, but seabiscuit is a gem. The little guy,the busted one who was abandoned and left for dead gets a second chance. beats the odds, and captures the heart of a wounded nation.

Jordan P (gb) wrote: Visually very pretty, but scene transition was painful on the eyes. Tried to enjoy it for what it was, but the ridiculousness of circumstances and extremely drawn-out plot made this movie quite hard to get through.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Peck never really suited westerns, certainly not run-of-the-mill ones like this production line feature. He stumbles through the plot which doesn't have much depth to it, although it can still be an enjoyable watch.

Sierra P (mx) wrote: After hearing so many people say this film was legit creepy I decided to cave and see for myself. Despite realizing in the first few moments of the 'movie' that it was going to be shot like Quarantine I forced myself to endure. I wish I hadn't. Not only was it NOT scary in the least bit, but the main character grated on my nerves to the point of inducing a migraine.You would think she would be over the stair creaking, door moving "demon" if it's been happening to her since she was eight, but no. She needed to get eaten.