The Lovers

The Lovers

The separation of a long married couple goes awry when they fall for each other again.

The movie tells the story of a long-married, dispassionate couple, Mary and Michael, each embroiled in an extramarital affair as they are sent reeling when they suddenly fall for the least likely person imaginable, each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Lovers torrent reviews

Dawn K (it) wrote: WEIRD French movie that was disjointed and odd and confusing. Probably the first French film I have watched that I did not love. So very strange. Even Juliette Binoche cannot save this movie.

Heather W (ru) wrote: I loved this movie and I cried in the middle of class while watching it. Such a good movie that made you feel all of the feels you have!WE ARE MARSHALL!

Hannah M (br) wrote: I'm not sure where this movie came from, but I quite enjoyed it. It's nothing special, but it delivers a few truly funny scenes and lots of cuteness. I could stare into Cillian Murphy's eyes all day long.

Tessa W (au) wrote: This movie is awesome!!! Has comedy with a romantic relationship while also dealing with daily issues of schooling.

Yuan Y (us) wrote: Sure, this could be played in a museum like a Warhol, that way, we would only have to watch fragments and be spared of Gallo's self indulgence. The Sevingy blowjob occurs at 1:16:00

Gianluca P (it) wrote: A honest gangster movie, with funny shots, but nothing original, in my opinion. Assante could compete with the early Clint Eastwood, when critics told he had just two expressions: with and without hat. Here Assante has no hat at all :D

Mia Cullen A (fr) wrote: This movie is lame, please promise me you wont see this. PLEASE!

shivani b (mx) wrote: nice...dats al i cn say abt it

Connie H (kr) wrote: Okay so Hugh's character shouldn't have written the script about what was happening to him and his wife but the man needed to do something before he went insane. And some of the best scripts for movies are based off the writers real life. It is a funny British comedy that also has moments where you many need a tissue.

Callie M (us) wrote: I have no clue why this movie got such bad reviews I think it was great, hilarious and Tim Allen and Kristie Alley should've worked together more often.

Kate T (us) wrote: Everyone seems to ignore this one. Why?

Jesse K (ca) wrote: Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue shine in this bizarre, sexy, tragic look into two troubled lives.

Kevin Q (jp) wrote: I don't remember enough to say anymore or give a higher rating.

Joey Q (jp) wrote: Somewhere between the bad acting, horribly fake tattoos and shit plot Kevin Bacon realizes his career is now in cheesy B films that go straight to dvd.

Dave J (it) wrote: Eavesdropping or paranoia