The Lower Depths

The Lower Depths

The film treats the imprisoning hold of poverty; the disheartening odds of people rising from such social despair, and the ease in which those in the upper spheres of Society may descend.

A charismatic thief makes friends with a bankrupt baron who comes to live in the thief's slum. Meanwhile the thief seeks the love of a young woman, who is held emotionally captive by her slumlord family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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a m (au) wrote: story and scenario=checkactors=checkthe catch= checkSome shots were too long. something is missing though.

Alissa V (fr) wrote: I Liked It. Until All The Blood Scenes.

Facu S (ca) wrote: Hermosa peli romantica, he visto pocas tan lindas. Con una dosis de humor que acompaa toda la pelicula y la hace totalmente llevadera y muy entretenida. Muy pocas peliculas norteamericanas superan para mi el romanticismo italiano.Me encantoooo!

Donald L (jp) wrote: Good idea, good information. Tad bit boring on the execution.

Logan M (gb) wrote: Just another inspirational "teacher meets troubled youth" movie, but that's just fine.

Ida K (de) wrote: This was a very intense bsed on true life movie. Pierrepoint was England's last executioner ending his career in mid 1950s. I think he was very professional and compasionate in doing his job.

Anran L (fr) wrote: Seriously. I mean seriously. *falls*

Marco A (ru) wrote: One of Godard's late period masterstrokes: a film abut war and trauma and memory and history far superior than the fell god crap Spielberg et al are happy to peddle to us

Alexander L (ru) wrote: Left me sad at the end but this is my favorite movie to date regarding Tupac's life.

Tom J (gb) wrote: not worth the extended effort to watch....

Lady D (de) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

John M (ca) wrote: Meryl Streep gives a performance of complex depth and dimension to the character Susan Traherne. Tracey Ullman shines as Alice Park (the only real bright spot in the movie). Charles Dance, Sting and John Gielgud are little more than cardboard cutouts. Not a movie that I'll revisit....

Paul D (br) wrote: Low-budget whodunit although you wouldn't notice this as it has a pace to it and a fair mix of interesting enough characters in a semi-gritty New York setting.

Modi M (jp) wrote: Thanks to the makers for making this movie and revealing all that they did.This is a MUST-WATCH for all fans of the great boxing legend.

Vinceno I (fr) wrote: The Italian bit was so far from reality that gave me the creeps. What you see is the idea Americans have of the Italian lifestyle (and possible of the Indian's too).