The Machine That Kills Bad People

The Machine That Kills Bad People

A demon bestows on a self-righteous working photographer's camera the power to smite from the Earth "evil-doers".

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Italian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   inheritance,   beach,  

A demon bestows on a self-righteous working photographer's camera the power to smite from the Earth "evil-doers". Naturally, the indignant photographer turns his new weapon on, one by one, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michele M (fr) wrote: even stupid bad goof movies are always entertaining to watch

Brandon W (au) wrote: In school, my history teacher showed the class a movie about conquering apathy called Swing Vote. Swing Vote is an all right film that doesn't live up to its full potential. The plot is very ridiculous and will never happened, but they tried their best to make it work, although it didn't convince me fully. Kevin Costner is very good in this, and so is newcomer Madeline Carroll which I do believe them as a father/daughter relationship, even though I've seen this type before. The beginning was a bit hard to sit through knowing what the father is like, as its jokes are clumsily done, and a bit mean-spirited at times. When it gets to the swing vote part, that's when the film gets better. It's got better jokes, better writing, and I was very interested to see where this is going. It could've been smarter, and the problems that both the father and daughter are going through that's not related to politics didn't seem developed that much and is more of an afterthought or just played for laughs. The political satire is not fully well done, but I give them credit for trying at least. Swing Vote could've been better, but just come off as mediocre and kind of forgettable.

Blake A (it) wrote: Don Cheadle gives the preformance of his career as he brings this true story of Petey Green to life once again.

Frank P (gb) wrote: A film of stark solemnity and rigorous formalism. This is visual storytelling at its extreme, without having to adopt Bressonian models. On the contrary, the film has some of the most realistic human moments I've seen, including my single favorite kissing scene. This said, I wish the subject were different. Don't we have enough stories about Nazis?

Sherry M (mx) wrote: Half hour too long. Rambles without much point to make. Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie are good, but the whole mental institution bit's been done too many times before. No new take or major revelations here. What's with Jolie's lips? Collagen injections or did she really get all that from her daddy?

Michael M (ca) wrote: Definitely more hits than misses, there's some great humor early on but it falls apart entirely by the third act like most modern comedies.

Jordan S (kr) wrote: my childhood film really good

Hans M (ca) wrote: A Great Suspence Thriller , from the early 70's.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: An above average carry on film, Lots of sex humour as there always is, If you're a fan of Carry On films you won't be disappointed.

Marie C (kr) wrote: Beautifully filmed. Explored the affects of adversity on a person's soul, health and mentality. Movie follows the story of an arrogant, vain new doctor sent to work in a clinic treating the poor. Normally a movie this long would have me glancing at the time, checking facebook intermittently and being slightly relieved when it was all over. But when I watch Kurosawa's movies, there is nothing else until the movie is over. The characters are so very flawed and genuine that you can't help becoming engrossed in their stories. Best movie I've seen in ages.

Devan C (it) wrote: Gregory Peck is so hot!!!!!(and his acting's good too.....)

Gav R (au) wrote: it's better than the Swedish original because of the explanation about the old man and the end

Alaisdair N (de) wrote: Horror films have a reputation for churning out sequels that are ridiculous and unnecessary. Whilst this echoed throughout the Saw series and direct to DVD films like Wrong Turn 2, The Hills Have Eyes 2 etc, this film Texas Chainsaw 3 (D) is the most ridiculous, waste of time horror film possibly ever. Big call, but it's true! The throwaway plot, horrid script and appalling acting all contribute to making this possibly the worst horror film of all time. The Texas Chainsaw 3D is a direct sequel to the original 1974 film, but set in 2013...let me explain how this is meant to make sense...After the tragic events of the first film, a group of vigilantes head to the house of the Sawyers and burn them all alive. Little do they know that a baby and grandmother escape the blaze and when the grandmother dies her unexplained heir Heather gets access to the house and brings a few friends who mistakenly let her cousin Leatherface loose who wreaks havoc upon the town and the people who burnt his family alive. The story is so badly and thinly sewn together it is just laughable. Nothing seems to fit together and make sense, I found myself saying "what" all through this film and laughing at all the gaping holes in the plot. The script is so horribly clich for a C grade horror film and not even in an ironically cool way, it is just unbearable. The young actors are passable, but with bad dialogue and a leaky plot there isn't really much room to move. One part of this film that annoyed me was making Leatherface a retarded child and making his revenge plot out to be heroic was just a joke, and only added to the ridiculousness of this movie. There isn't really much more to say apart from steer clear of this at all costs, even die hard fans will be bored and insulted by this unnecessary sequel. I have never felt so ripped off by a movie in my life, especially after being so disappointed that this didn't make it to Australian cinemas, I am glad it didn't and you should be too! Avoid this!

Beverley W (it) wrote: Margaret Rutherford at her best!!