The Mad Doctor of Market Street

The Mad Doctor of Market Street

A fugitive doctor (Lionel Atwill) tries to raise the dead for South Sea Islanders.

A mad scientist is forced to leave San Francisco when his experiments become known. He lands on a tropical island, takes control and terrorizes the local populace. The survivor of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (jp) wrote: A complete disaster that portrays Hoover as a selfish, insecure and intolerant man but we never find out who he really was. Besides, the makeup is atrocious, while the overly desaturated cinematography and dragging pace keep the audience even more emotionally distant.

Cecily B (br) wrote: Gave it a chance but it was to painful do I had to turn it off. I've read that it gets better but I just couldn't get though it. A nagging boyfriend stating how "painfully Canadian" it was didn't help matters much though

Ariel V (de) wrote: A bit boring at the beginning, but very powerful towards the ending.Annette Bening: SUPREME

Jackson L (ca) wrote: Jesus, the ending is brutal. Bjrk acts so damn well in this, it drove me to tears.

Scott D (au) wrote: It was with high hopes that I watched this film, hoping to be mezmerized and entranced by it's cinematic beauty while emotionally gripped by it's raw human emotion as I was with it's predecessors Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi. Unfortunately I was disappointed on both counts. Naqoyqatsi lacked the raw emotion and rich cinematography of Koyaanisqatsi and totally missed on the emotional and human impact of Powaqqatsi. With an overload of CGI and digital effects, much of the movie reminded me of a Windows screen saver. Even the score by Philip Glass, though beautiful, still lacked the emotional power of the previous two efforts. It is still worth seeing if you are a fan of the previous two movies, but don't expect to be moved as you were with the others.

Ryan J (ca) wrote: Robocop vs. a rat! Well, it was pretty good until the end, when Peter Weller says that last horrible line when his family comes home. That just about ruined it for me. But the script did a good job of showing Bart Hughes's (Weller) descent into a sort of madness/obsession with the rat. I'm also glad that the director chose to only show close ups of the rat, and only full shots with really quick cuts. It was interesting for sure, but the film could've been darker. That descent into madness could've been more intense. Oh well.

Ami I (ca) wrote: Set in contemporary Paris, the movie is a variation of the classic Greek myth of Orpheus. At the Caf des Potes, a brawl is staged by acolytes of the Princess (Casares) and the young poet Cgeste (Edouard Dermithe), a rival of Orpheus, is killed. Cgeste's body is taken to the Princess's car by her associates, and Orpheus (Marais) is asked to accompany them as a witness. They drive to a chateau (the landscape through the car windows are presented in negative) accompanied by abstract poetry on the radio. This takes the form of seemingly meaningless messages, like those broadcast to the French Resistance from London during the Occupation.Orpheus becomes obsessed with Death (the Princess). Heurtebise (Prier), her chauffeur, entertains analogous unrequited love for Orpheus's wife Eurydice (Marie Da). They fall in love. Eurydice is killed by the Princess's henchmen and Orpheus goes after her into the Underworld. Although they have become dangerously entangled, the Princess sends Orpheus back out of the Underworld, to carry on his life with Eurydice, but he cannot look at her or she will die. (This diverges from the common classical account found in the Roman versions of the myth by Ovid and Virgil, where Eurydice is lost forever.) They believe it to have been a dream, Eurydice is revealed to be alive, and expecting a child.

Tiberio S (gb) wrote: This is as much a statement on alcoholism as it is on man and machine. Like in The Shining, isolation amidst cold mountains and the pain of addiction, this one being fed as opposed to Jack Torrance, feeds a monster growing inside. Nathan is a modern drunk Frankenstein, more cruel to his creation, not allowing her to love or to be outside, experimenting on her consciousness, apathetic to her emotions, individuality, memories. He tells Caleb to not feel sorry for her, but for himself, that these AI beings will look at us as fossils one day, that they will rule the planet - it seems he's disgusted by what he makes, hence the alcohol to suppress any means of acting morally. "The good deeds man has done before defends him," repeats Nathan - whatever evil I do now, I should be protected by having done good before it, my justification.The best work I've ever seen from Domnhall Gleeson. He looks so comfortable and settled into this role, so natural and poised. Unlike Star Wars, which is nearly unwatchable.I love the two scenes juxtaposed between Ava and Caleb with the power outage, followed by Nathan and Caleb eating sushi. Ava's ominous warning has us wondering: is she trying to create mistrust between Nathan and Caleb as a design to escape from this place? Or is she genuinely trying to help Caleb, who may be in danger? Either way, we have our suspicions about Nathan, and we start wondering about his enslaving - the longer we see Ava behind this glass, we think of her enslavement, and we wonder if Caleb is trapped in this place, which has been on our mind since that automatic door forebodingly closed behind him when he entered this place. Just as that's running through our mind, we cut to the image of Kyoko serving them, a sad looking woman. She makes a mistake and is yelled at like a slave. We wonder what her deal is. Apparently he keeps her around because she can't understand English and leak information - is that true or is she playing us? The structure is allowing our suspicions to raise and questions to be asked, it allows us to theorize things that may be happening. There's also the idea that this is really a reverse test on a possibly mechanic Caleb - maybe outlandish, but it's a possibility. What I love is the dramatic tension, how should Caleb answer these questions Nathan is piercing him with about Ava? How should he answer the question about the power outage? Truth or lie? We're all thinking, are these power outages by design with a backup camera watching everything? Or are they genuine and just a red herring to build suspense? The suspense is working terrifically so far.Interestingly, as Ava begins to dress and reveal her human-envying crisis, the notes to Close Encounters of the Third Kind play.

Michael W (ag) wrote: I've seen it almost 10 times and simply love it on multiple levels. I'm already looking forward to watching it again!