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The Mad Woman


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Brandon W (fr) wrote: I honestly felt underwhelmed by Breathe In. However, the acting is great, the conversations were good, the music sounds nice to listen, and there was some scenes that I like. I also like the fact that it doesn't play it sappy or schmaltzy, but I felt there was something missing in there, the plot isn't anything special, it's not exciting to watch nor is it very interesting, and the way they find out was really convenient and made no sense, but it wasn't those that was missing. I think what was missing was the lack of conversations between Keith and Sophie. If there was more, I think it would make it better. For what it is, I don't think it's bad nor it is good, Breathe In is a disappointing film that could've been better.

Carol Ann M (es) wrote: just a great actor...

khurram m (ru) wrote: Slow..................................Motions and then Emotions.

Kyle G (mx) wrote: Maybe the worst animated film ever.

Sasha G (es) wrote: It was a tad long but a disturbing look at a troubled young man.

M D (fr) wrote: Hong Kong director Johnny To was born to direct awesome and stylish films about crime and awash with beautiful violence. This one pits two hired assassins wanting the same girl for different reasons. This prolific director gets another headshot with this fully entertaining film.

Private U (us) wrote: BIG MOVIE.. A MUST SEE!!

Carson h (ca) wrote: This movie is the worst of Stephen king's movie I have ever watched and the worst movie I have ever seen the plot is ridiculous the protagonist make Adam Sandler seem like a modern day Marlon brando its insane especially that pie that makes you lose wait or some stuff like that this movie made me feel lobotomized after watching it I would not recommend this for your own safety

star r (ru) wrote: i like this movie and i think george burns is very funny

Michael A (ca) wrote: Pretty Boring movie takes forever to get anywhere,but has a great ending.

Nilanjana R (fr) wrote: cheerful,witty,thoughtprovoking,very french romcom from the master of the dark- sombre himself,bergman.a real treat for all bergman fans everywhere.

Bryan M (ca) wrote: This is the kind of movie the word "cute" was invented for. It's a light-weight story of a witch who comes back centuries after cursing a family for burning her alive. She decides to make a decedent of her enemies fall in love with her before his wedding.This was the inspiration for the hit 1960's TV show "Bewitched," although there are few similarities. It's a pleasant movie, but not one of the great classics.

Hannah H (ag) wrote: Love the kids in this one!

Kevin K (au) wrote: Cusack holds it together for the most part, but this movie has so many manipulative, tear inducing devices you'd think it was sponsored by Kleenex.

Indra W (jp) wrote: I never heard of Spencer Lofranco before, but I really like his portrayal of James Burns, that was some character.

Mark D (nl) wrote: Very enjoyable Thriller with a kick ass and long ass car chase./