The 'Maggie'

The 'Maggie'

The poor, elderly,.....and wily when it comes to parting those who can afford it from their money.....Scottish skipper of a broken-down old 'puffer' boat (Alex Mackenzie) tricks an American tycoon into paying him to transport his personal cargo. When the aforementioned tycoon (Paul Douglas) learns of the trick, he attempts to track down the boat and remove his possessions. Released in the United States as "High and Dry".

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   boy,   ship,  

An American businessman in Scotland is conned into shipping a valuable load of cargo to a Scottish island via a coal powered boat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy H (de) wrote: Very slow moving with no real beginning or end and not a lot in between. Slightly sexy with a few dick shots; but that's about the extent of entertainment in this movie.

Ankur B (jp) wrote: I don't see what the problem is, I laughed so much! Albert the pig and everything here was hilarious!

ashley n (mx) wrote: Seeing Huntsville in a movie was SO COOL! The movie itself was a little boring at times. Some parts were good (love story). I was just excited seeing Huntsville and recognizing the palces :)

jovan m (ag) wrote: One of my favourite films. romanic and funny. an excellent film.

Zeina S (ca) wrote: I really don't know if this movie was well made. It was somehow fun to watch, but as I HUGE Chopin fan, I really didn't like that Hugh Grant was casted (I totally hate him, don't know why). And having read Chopin's biographies, I find the Waltz 'Minute' story inaccurate...

Jason H (es) wrote: Well, I was a huge Dark Shadows fan. I actually liked this better than House of Dark Shadows which I did not think was true to the characters. I read that this movie was massacred in the editing. Still love it.

Daniel B (ca) wrote: Margaret Rutherford - Legend

Caitlin L (gb) wrote: Not as good as the original.

Jackson M (nl) wrote: A fun action packed adventure with vampires kicking some werewolf ass

Daniel R (fr) wrote: 16 year old teen girl is ignored by everyone around her as they forget her birthday in this adolescent comedy.

Gabriel K (mx) wrote: Not as good as Dangerous Liaisons. I don't know why Milos Forman changed the ending to a much softer one. It gave the movie a completely different tone.

Spencer H (es) wrote: Beautiful cinematography, brilliant score, and a well rounded performance by Matthew Mcconaughey make this movie a good film, that has the potential to win some awards down the road. The ending is not the greatest, but overall the movie as a whole is very solid. One that I would recommend.