The Magic Crystal

The Magic Crystal

A magic crystal causes double the number of gifts Santa can deliver all over the world and this makes for many happy gezinnetjes. His criminal assistant Basil however has a diabolical plan: he wants to steal the crystal so as to gain control over the minds of the children. The brave boy Yotan act to prevent and concocts a plan.

Santa Claus uses the power of his " Magic Crystal" to bring many gifts and great things to all children in the world. Unfortunately, Santa's evil twin has a scheming to steal the crystal right before Christmas and changes the minds of kids everywhere. What will Santa Claus do to prevent and save Christmas? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric B (ca) wrote: Stark and gritty, but beautiful, depressing and moving.

Diane D (nl) wrote: Perfect! Well written! If you liked Juno - you will LOVE Sassy Pants... Congratulations to Director on her winning premiere!

James W (gb) wrote: Ehh. Nothing too special. Behind the mask is a far superior film. More likable serial killer too.

Paul B (gb) wrote: Precious is an enlightening examination of the household crisis many African American families experience due to long histories of abuse and neglect, which is convincingly portrayed by the excellent performances.

Nolan S (es) wrote: A great live comedy film featuring John Waters (the man who gave us films like Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, Cry Baby, and A Dirty Shame) telling us his life story in the filmmaking business.

Matt N (ru) wrote: Love it! The best in the trilogy for songs and for film.

Ben D (nl) wrote: What a pile of garbage. I hate it when these types of movies just make the characters do the worst, most horrible things for no reason other than to scare the parents of today. They say the main girl in this movie is in seventh grade. I can tell you right now, when I was in seventh grade, I didn't know anyone who went to the level this chick goes to. It's exploitative and I hate it. Now maybe the director of this movie just wanted to make a movie that showed that teenagers do stupid and horrible things. Ok fine. I don't really like that idea, but I could forgive that. Alas, the director had to take it one more step forward. She tried to get the audience to care about these characters, despite them being the most selfish, disgusting, annoying, idiotic, and bitchiest characters I've ever had the misfortune to come across. Not once did I feel the slightest bit of sympathy for ANY of them, not even when the main chick was cutting herself. If I don't feel bad for someone who is cutting themselves, then the movie has done something very, very wrong. This is exactly like the pile of crap that is Kids. A bunch of teenagers doing terrible things with no real emotional weight to it.

Janne F (it) wrote: Poeng gis for flere hysterisk morsomme replikker. Dessverre er siste akt ren klisj.

Iain S (ca) wrote: Decent enough comedy but a poor love story at the core


Jamison R (es) wrote: Not good, low budget, bad script, odd casting. These are a few of the problems with this.

Tatiana U (gb) wrote: I like Nacho!!! He's so damn sexy!!!!

Anthony P (ru) wrote: Not bad, was hoping for something better but still a descent baseball movie, with Tom Selleck doing a good performance.

Nick G (ca) wrote: Amazing movie. One of Hollywoods best kept secrets.

Greg W (de) wrote: As infamous serial murderer John Reginald Christie, Richard Attenborough is just exaggerated enough to remain credible.

Ariel S (fr) wrote: Great and dense atmosphere about a couple tired of the way life is going and the direction they took.It shows how we put the dirt under the carpet and pretend it wasn't there.

Avery M (es) wrote: The acting was good. Hank Azaria's Gargamel was a very enjoyable performance. The CGI wasn't too bad; the smurfs don't look realistic, but I don't think we would want them to. The movie definitely got some things right. But the plot is dumb and makes little sense, and after the trailers I was already sick of the joke about "smurf" being a euphemism for practically anything. They must have made that joke about a hundred times in the span of the film's fortunately fairly short running time of 103 minutes. The Smurfs is satisfactory entertainment if you're a child or don't mind movies of "all right" quality. But my biggest issue with this movie is in the form of a few questions. Why was this film made? Who thought this was such a great idea?