The Magic of Lassie

The Magic of Lassie

Lassie is claimed from his family by a "former owner" and then braves a cross country trip to rejoin the ones that love her.

Lassie is trying to find her way home. She will have to run all the way from Colorado to California. Her loving owner is looking for her too. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon C (it) wrote: Nothing new here. Found footage with a background score that swells or darkens to inform you how you should be feeling. Echoes of 'John Safran vs. God', without balls.

Matthew S (mx) wrote: An utterly amazing action packed film. From the very beginning you know the revenge is going to be good! The action scenes are brilliant and this film includes one of the best explosion scenes ever, in my opinion. Apart from the shooting sequence there is also a emotional side to the film and this is illustrated very well through the film. Very impressed!

Jon C (ru) wrote: this is such an amazingly-acted Hispanic flickit truly explores the horrors of dealing with drugs and bringing them into the USCatalina Sandino Moreno is a young teenager coming into her own; she lives with her family, works at a dead-end job, is in a rocky relationship with her boyfriend, and desperately wants to leave and make some more moneywhen she's asked to carrying pill pellets illegally into America she is unaware of the risks and dangers involvedsure there's some money to be made but Maria is thrown into a dark underbelly and some other women are dragged alongthe film does involve the drug element and how out of hand it can get even getting detained by airport security but the real strength of the film is in Maria's resistance to partaking in the devastation of the work she has gotten herself intoeven her best friend tries to talk some sense into her many timesMaria also has to contend with her pregnancy on the rise and not understanding that she's putting herself at riskyou can tell by her facial expressions that she wants to be a certain way and then another, she has that kind of ability to project a raw emotion for each sceneI felt so bad for her that things got out of control so fast and she couldn't do anything about itI almost welled up during one scene, toothe film is such a big struggle but it does its job at claiming we should stay away from drugs and try not to make a quick buck because of them no matter how tempting it isMaria is trying her hardest to still be somewhat 'graceful' as a person doing the right thing and thinking of other people despite the desperate scenariothis is a very good film saying let's not do this and do something else

Gosay (ru) wrote: i liked the tamil/telugu version.

Tyger D (it) wrote: This movie was funny!!!

Faii K (au) wrote: Beowulf is an ass kicking flick and a fantastic experience in all of its glory! The movie was ahead of its time and nothing has unleashed its epicness till yet! Movie's direction, story, the screenplay, graphics, animation and its soundtracks will leave you pumped up!!! It's an hell raising flick and a jaw dropping stunt by Robert Zemeckis!

Raymond C (ca) wrote: An engaging thought provoking tale of shifting loyalties played out against +amidst the turmoil of a Well planned robbery gone wrong due to law enforcement intrusion.

Walter M (ca) wrote: Okay, guys, you know the drill. But just a reminder... King Claudius(Patrick Stewart) tells his new stepson, Prince Hamlet(David Tennant), to lighten up because death comes to all, including his father, so enjoy life. This might seem a little harsh but Claudius has bigger things on his mind like Fortinbras rattling sabres in nearby Norway. To be honest, Hamlet is definitely taken aback at his mother Gertrude(Penny Downie) remarrying only a month after her husband's death. Well, he's not the only one concerned because Hamlet's friend Horatio(Peter De Jersey) summmons him to have a quick word with his father's ghost(Patrick Stewart) who says there was nothing at all natural in his death. This is a compelling version of "Hamlet" set in the modern day, almost totally indoors in a stately palace. So, while cameras are commonplace along with the occasional handgun, there is also a sense of decay in the royal household. Adding to the sense of disconnect is David Tennant's performance as perhaps the loosest Hamlet I have seen, with the character's brattiness contrasting well with such a disapproving father. Casting Patrick Stewart in the double role is a nice touch, which he handles with distinction.

Laura w (es) wrote: I love it still to this day!

Eric B (us) wrote: stylish, taut and realistic... loses a bit of steam toward the end

Daryl K (de) wrote: Interesting, pre-Code exploitation about a gold-digger trying to make it on her wiles. Jean Harlow plays a vivacious, lying, seemingly heartless tramp of a woman whose knack for wrapping powerful men around her finger doesn't meet with a conscience -- the film plays as sympathetic to her character, which today seems odd, but which Depression audiences must have gone for. The sex appeal Harlow was known for is on full display here.

HungYa L (au) wrote: Fantastic clay anime!

Jeremy r (ru) wrote: Feels like you are watching one of those movies on the SciFy Channel. Not very good.

Cameron F (jp) wrote: 10 years before Paul Walker was an undercover street racer driving with Vin Diesel Keanu Reeves was an undercover surfer hanging with Patrick Swayze.This is a fun action movie with with little cheesy dialogue.Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze are a fun storm of awesomeness together.No faith in the remake.

Matthew S (br) wrote: Very insightful and a true entertaining documentary of pre-thriller, great!