The Magnificent Cuckold

The Magnificent Cuckold

Andrea Artust begins to have doubts about the loyalty of his beautiful wife . When doubt becomes an obsession , his behavior becomes completely crazy , stalking her relentlessly.

The Magnificent Cuckold is about a hat tycoon who is ecstatically, if not hungrily, in love with his youthful wife. It is all blissful, that is, until our man, middle-aged and somewhat of a square among his blasé, upper-class friends to whom cuckoldry is a common practice, is seduced by one of them. At this point doubts and suspicions, like conscience, begin to plague him. If he could succumb to extramarital confections, why not his gorgeous mate? Quickly his love for his spouse degenerates beyond obsessive, into the realm of maniacal. He becomes madly concerned that his wife is cheating on him --even though she is not being unfaithful. When he looks at her it becomes obvious to him that she is a very attractive woman. And, all the men around her must be dying to be with her. Gnawed by jealously, he will imagine variations on nabbing her and her lover in flagrante delicto. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart W (gb) wrote: Excellent film. Have to admit it was a bit sentimental and my glassies welled up on a few occasions. Highly recommended.

Thomas W (es) wrote: As (former) president of the world's lowest lying country -- the beautiful island paradise of The Maldives (Google this place!) -- Mohamed Nasheed made it part of his presidential and civil duty to educate the world's population about the importance of world climate change. His nation is at risk of disappearing off of the face of the globe if the world doesn't wisen up ... and making it a political issue places human life at risk. I had wished the film was a bit more focused on climate change as much of it appears to be a PR piece for Nasheed (who made enemies). If you don't want to believe in climate change, check out the natural beauty of the Maldives and realize that they could be gone one day. Fact ... the oceans are rising and these islands are disappearing.

Leonardo C (br) wrote: O documentrio competente em mostrar o lado pessoal de Anderson, e o seu respeito pelo trabalho e pelas artes marciais. O filme vai construindo emoo e tenso at o embate final.

Rohitashwa S (ca) wrote: Now, this is what indian audiences should watch instead of complaining that bollywood can't go beyond stereotypes. Really good, follows the Crash-Babel type of story-telling. It is a really powerful, haunting film. Great acting. Naseeruddin Shah, as usual, shines brilliantly. The rest of the cast are brilliant as well. I have a feeling that this will be the best hindi movie of the year.(ofcourse, it'll go unnoticed in large circles. there were only 7 people in the hall when I watched the film.) Definitely worth a watch!

Jacob W (au) wrote: Thor was a cheesy superhero/real world collision of slightly confusing plot and eyeblasting cgi. I would definitely reccomend reading up on your norse mythology before you see it.

Leo L (kr) wrote: An interesting movie! Set upon family honor and traditions, this follows the forbidden love between Zaza and Judith. Zaza comes from a close-knit family that wants nothing but the best for him to marry and begin a family of his own. Zaza abides the wishes of his family, and sets out to find a nice, respectable young woman to marry but earnestly tries to search for an ideal mate in each and every one. Despite the family choices, Zaza wants to start a life with Judith and her young daughter but the family heavily disagrees. Judith's former marriage and her age is one of several factors that causes a hindrance in their relationship. Great cast- Lior Ashkenzai, Aya Steinovitz, Ronit Elkabetz, and Moni Moshonov. Worth seeing!

Kendra C (nl) wrote: Great film from the director of Last Life in the Universe. Lots of dark humor, and a fun soundtrack to boot! I can't wait to see it again! Seriously.

KARLA E (kr) wrote: IMO, Bruce+Bad Guy+Tall building.. they should just surrender ;-) Alec is always a deliciously wicked bad guy. ?Miko? Nice chilaxing kinda weekend movie

Bradley H (mx) wrote: A mixed bag of farce and melodrama in four scenes. Walter Matthau and Elaine May are hilarious in their segment, but Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby are dreary in theirs. The other two bits fall somewhere in the middle.

Robert H (ru) wrote: The pursuit of happiness, enshrined as a right in the US Constitution, is one of the greatest motivating factors in all of human history. It can also be one of the biggest distractions. CABARET, from the musical by Kander and Ebb and directed by Bob Fosse, is sort of an examination of this through the historical lens of late Weimar Germany as it succumbed to Nazism. Liza Minnelli is Sally Bowles, a dancer/singer at the Kit Kat Club who has dreams of becoming a famous actress; and Michael York is Brian Jordan, an English philosophy student who is in Germany for cultural enrichment and to make some money. Both of these tragic figures are the conduit for the audience, with Sally being the fantasy side of things and Brian being the reality. As with CHICAGO, although a little less so here, the musical numbers don't just move the story along (all while being organic) but also comment upon it as well. This, for me, is what sets Kander/Ebb musicals apart from the rest. Nazism begins as a mere nuisance but, as the film progresses, becomes more of a presence (and present threat). This is mirrored in the pacing of musical sequences which are initially spaced out a little sparsely but become more frequent as the film goes on. From an interpretive standpoint (and this is just my opinion), this implies (through the nature of what a cabaret is and entails) that our willingness to be entertained and distracted, even if only temporarily, is what allows political extremism/tragedy/etc. to insidiously take hold. No scene in CABARET is more chilling than when the young Nazi starts singing (what I think is) a folk song, and his audience gradually joins in with him. In fact, this entire musical is filled with pathos of varying types, which is why I think it's so effective. The cabaret is a metaphor for the ways we try to mask our pain, to find happiness, but it often comes at the expense of our dignity. From a technical perspective, all of the performances were solid with special marks being given to the leads. However, Joel Grey as the Master of Ceremonies was just as entertaining, perhaps the most so as his role provided dramatic and musical unity to the film. He was also simply hilarious to watch. There was also dynamite editing, choreography, lighting, etc., making it a sort-of ancestor to the music video. If there's one complaint I can levy, it's that the film takes a little too much time to get going, although once it gets into gear it doesn't let up. All things considered, CABARET is a stunning accomplishment that still holds relevance in this day and age of disillusionment with the political establishment. I'm a little hesitant to draw parallels between the America of today and the Germany of then, but it's a little disconcerting to feel like the only thing keeping us from making the same mistakes is that we've never suffered the abject humiliation that Germany suffered at the end of WWI. On a more positive note, CABARET exists as a testament to the power of entertainment, and definitely deserves its status as one of the best musicals ever put to film.

Anthony W (br) wrote: Race, politics, and love affairs all come together in this drama set on a British ruled island in the Caribbean.

Giorgio P (de) wrote: Not as subtle as The Silence of the Lambs but this is a reviting and well made thrill ride with a brilliant cast

Shane D (kr) wrote: It's gotten a little less gritty over time and Denzel's performance is a whirlwind, but perhaps not worthy of an Oscar on reflection.

Julia I (nl) wrote: This was the best movie ever! With my favorite stars and great comedy

Scott J (kr) wrote: If it teaches you anything, it's that football and record collections are more important than intimacy.