The Magnificent Ruffians

The Magnificent Ruffians

Venom regulars Philip Kwok, Chiang Sheng, and Sun Chien star as a gang of unemployed martial artists who spend their days stuffing their faces at local restaurants and letting the staff beat them up instead of paying the bill. Their fortunes appear to improve when the head of a local security agency hires them to take out the competition, who their new employer insists is up to no good. But the boys are being played for fools, and after an unfortunate misunderstanding, they unite with their former adversary to take out the true villain.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fighting,   martial arts,  

Yuan Ying Fei is the descendant of the one known as Golden Sword and himself is a master of the technique as well as being boss of the town. He is so a cruel man and has killed his sparring... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sonny f (it) wrote: pretty dark cartoon. love it.

Logan M (fr) wrote: David Fincher's version has some significant changes but keeps the dark and ardent atmosphere of the 2009 film, however it's hardly a match for the Swedish original.

Ben B (jp) wrote: The vietnamese grandpa was pretty funny.

Bradley W (kr) wrote: In a town ensnared by twisted, moral consequences, a haunted detective unwinds the costly truth that "the ends never justifies the means."

carlos b (it) wrote: well I was expecting something else but everybody started to sing songs.

Nick C (mx) wrote: Uplifting. Loses points though for having the stupidest ending , probably in cinematic history. Worth a watch though.

Denis Y (fr) wrote: Amusing and stylish given the period, the dubbing is annoying noticeable even in Cantonese though.

Greg W (mx) wrote: A successful pastiche of numerous science fiction films, executed with an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek flair that compensates for its absence in originality.

Jayden C (ag) wrote: not interested at all

Timothy M (kr) wrote: An amusing effort that perhaps doesn't hit all the marks that it wants to. Ahead of its time in terms of spoofing a popular genre (except this is actually funny - something we're robbed of with modern parodies). The cast is great, with Robert Morley and Jennifer Jones being the standouts. I also thought it looked quite nice. Typically eclectic work from Huston, but certainly worthwhile.

jay n (es) wrote: While it's a little heavy on the syrup this is a nice family film with sincere performances by the cast save one. The little blond girl who plays a neighbor is truly noxious.

Art S (gb) wrote: Absorbing (and unpredictable) tale that examines the aftermath of the assassination of the head of the Nazi occupation ("the Hangman") in Czechoslovakia for both the resistance and the occupiers. Our sympathies lie with Brian Donlevy (the assassin) and the woman he accidentally drags into the fight (Anna Lee), whose father (Walter Brennan, a university professor here) is already under suspicion by the occupation. "Bert" Brecht contributed to the story/screenplay and sued the producers when he didn't get the primary credit -- some traces of his philosophy remain but this is a thriller in the Hollywood mode of the time.

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