The Makeover

The Makeover

Rodger Keaton is a socially challenged, clinically frigid, computer nerd, desperate single white male. Patricia Bartlett is a ruthless award winning journalist who has found her man. Pitted against overwhelming odds, Hollywood makeover Guru Brad Holloway is blackmailed via the threat of crippling publicity. Brad's challenge is a "mission impossible" makeover and he must prove with substantial results that his Ultimate Makeover Services are the 'Real Deal'. Over the next six weeks, Brad & Rodger take a most unlikely journey into often uncharted terrain, with hilarious & heart warming results at every turn. But can true change be given a deadline? And can anything with a deadline be thoroughly achieved? A willing dog can learn a thousand new tricks, but is self-identity a trick?

Rodger Keaton is a socially challenged, clinically frigid, computer nerd, desperate single white male. Patricia Bartlett is a ruthless award winning journalist who has found her man. Pitted... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brent H (au) wrote: Great movie. Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress. A horror movie with a twist.

Christopher E (it) wrote: sequel to nightwatch looks good!

Josh T (de) wrote: Slow adaptation, it deserved better actors. The relationship is not played out to the extent it needed to be..

Lupus D (ag) wrote: Started slow but turned out okay. Decent, non-demandin content. I so wished Nick Nolte had Matt Dillon's role in Factotum! See the young Kirsten Dunst too!

Joshua L (nl) wrote: This is a damn strange movie that has a really cool effects. Its not something that I think I could watch again but I enjoyed it.

Kevin M (jp) wrote: Joseph Cotten had a very strange and sad career. 30 odd years after co-starring in "Citizen Kane", he was doing quick, sleazy Eurotrash productions like this one. Requiring no more than a few days' shooting, Cotten did a crap load of these throughout the 70s and none of them were any good. In this one he plays Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who is killed by his animated cadaver (given life by a lightning bolt to the FACE!); luckily his daughter is there to continue his bizarre experiments. Luckily for us, the comely Ms. Frankenstein is played by the mind-blowingly hot Rosalba Neri, who is also a good enough actress to make us think she's having fun seducing stable boys and indulging in the usual psuedoscience. She is literally the only redeeming element of "Lady Frankenstein", elevating it to "somewhat watchable" status as she did in so many other Italian exploitation epics.

Amanda M (fr) wrote: There are a lot of parts of this movie I loved, but at the same time, there was some unnecessary filler that I wish had been cut out. I find Carol Channing to be quite irritating and that white slavery plot to be dragged out a little much. That said, Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore were quite hilarious and I did like a lot of the spoofing.

Martin T (jp) wrote: Based on true events concerning a town in Alabama overrun by vice, corruption and mobs. This movie is tough, angry and cynical. It's not unusual for noirs to take on a semi-documentary style, but this one actually begins with 12 minutes of interviews with some of the key players (if you're sensitive about spoilers, it might be best to skip it). Whether or not this prologue was necessary is debatable, but I found it interesting and it helps the verisimilitude of the film (although no doubt much of it is sensationalized). Despite being a low-budget production with no-name actors, it has a gritty realism, enhanced by the liberal use of location shooting. It's a gripping, brutal piece of work, with some of the most shocking violence of its time.

Luca C (kr) wrote: Presente i film che guardi e alla fine non sai bene che cazzo hai guardato ma ti piaciuto un sacco? Ecco.

Ben L (jp) wrote: There are elements in The Two Faces of January that make it close to being great, but the flaws in execution hold it back from attaining that greatness. The best part of this movie is the plot, and how it twists and turns and keeps you on your toes. That is what hooked me and had me anxious to see what was next. To set it up for you, an American husband and wife are visiting Athens and run into a young American tour guide. We quickly learn that the husband and wife aren't exactly there on vacation, but to hide out. Soon the tour guide gets caught in the husband's ever-expanding web of misdeeds, and the three must work together to escape. While the plot isn't the most original, I still was intrigued by it and wasn't 100% sure which way they would go. The other big positive in this film was the trio of lead actors. Oscar Isaac might be the best of the bunch. He is so charming that you can see why unsuspecting tourists might not clue into some of his subtle deception. Viggo Mortensen gets to play a slimy character that is basically the villain of the film. He's nasty and easy to hate, yet you can sense that he has a morality in him. Kirsten Dunst doesn't get as much to do in the film, but when she is on screen I like how she elevates her role.The flaw in this film is in some of the decisions made behind the camera. I thought the story had enough intrigue to keep me interested, but they didn't create a good mystery, when they easily could have. In other words, I didn't know what was going to happen next, but because of the presentation I knew everything that happened before. There were scenes that should have been removed which would have left the story intact but given the audience more to think about. For instance (and this isn't a spoiler because it happens pretty early in the film) the husband kills a private detective who was looking for him, and then the tour guide happens upon him trying to take care of the body. If we were not shown the scene of the murder we would be left in the dark and allowed to puzzle through what happened up until we saw that scene. There are other subtle things that I thought could have been cleaned up in the way the story was presented, but it would sound like nitpicking. All it amounted to was enough minor flaws to keep The Two Faces of January from being something special. It is a decent film, and I am glad I saw it. I think others will get some enjoyment out of it if they watch it, but I don't know how highly I would recommend it.

Jacob F (fr) wrote: A surprisingly good movie about the apocalypse and how people spend their final day. Good acting especially from the little girl.