The Making of 'Amadeus'

The Making of 'Amadeus'

This riveting film takes a look behind the scenes at one of the 20th century's cinema classics and at one of contemporary cinema's most maddeningly brilliant directors, Milos Forman.

This riveting film takes a look behind the scenes at one of the 20th century's cinema classics and at one of contemporary cinema's most maddeningly brilliant directors, Milos Forman. Using ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (es) wrote: This kind of feels like a nicer version of the Hunger Games. A world full of kids trapped in a woodland confinement, having been placed there by onlooking adults. The only difference is that rather than kill one another, they have to work together as a team to try and find a way out of a giant maze that borders the perimeter of the grassland. The maze itself isn't that exciting, other than the fact it has some robotic arachnid type predators called 'grievers' looking to sting anyone who takes a wrong turn. It's definitely one aimed more at the mature child, rather than the likes of Peter Pan that centres all on the kids too. It's not playful or humorous, but very Sci-Fi and definitely strikes me as a film that bases itself on the book without any form of deviation. I'm hoping that with this being the first in the series, the movies become better as the story progresses as it definitely felt like more of an introduction than an independent film. For me it never really got going, and lacked any real excitement. There were only a few central characters, none of whom were greatly iconic, but this at least gives the sequels something to build upon. I can imagine fans of the paperback version will love this as it puts their imagination into a more visual form of stimulation, but I found it just a tad too slow paced and sensible. Very little drama occurs and it required a lot more cutting edge in both the script and the acting.

Steve W (au) wrote: An innovative, complex and deranged psychological crime thriller. A great performance from Ching Wan Lau, with some creative narrative techniques make for an intriguing and entertaining movie. The ending is a little on the soft side, but a very unique concept done very well.

Danielle G (nl) wrote: This didn't impact me as much as Whalerider did, but it is an interesting story and well done movie.

Ashley W (kr) wrote: Beautiful. Masterful. A film for today.

Ed C (mx) wrote: One line summary Fine, well-acted mystery-thriller set in the near future.------------------------------- Morgan takes a polygraph test for his job at Digicorp, where he is to do corporate espionage, primarily against Digicorp's rival, Sunways Systems. He gets a new identity, Jack Thursby, and Morgan is to fill in the blanks on what personality Jack has. His usual job is to go to conferences and listen and record speeches given by rival companies. His first assignment takes him to Buffalo, where Jack represents Fairway Fragrances. He has opportunities to prop up his cover stories, like smoking cigarettes, drinking single malt scotch, and having grown up in the south pacific islands. He meets Rita on his first trip. Between the first and second trip, Morgan tells his wife that her father can forget Morgan's working for him. She tells him he can either apologise or leave the house, which I presume he did. His next trip is to Omaha. Rita intervenes: gives him meds to deal with his headaches, tells him not to turn on his pen. He does neither, and he still gets visions and headaches. He starts taking the meds. He's given a cryptic way of contacting Rita. She starts his education. At his next convention talk, he sees something entirely different. Her warnings save him from some very bad possibilities. What follows is an indoctrination: he is Jack Thursby, not Morgan Sullivan; he has a different wife, and his home base is with her in a different state. He makes it 'home;' there is a woman in residence who seems to know him and is warm to him, which is one huge improvement for him. Then he's off to a job interview at Sunways where his 'neurograph' shows he's lying. Sunways wants him to be a double agent against Digicorp. Their security chief lets him know that his real home is up for sale, and his wife his divorcing him. He also lets him know that Digicorp expects him to act as Jack Thursby; any sign of Morgan will result in his elimination. He finds that Rita does not work for Sunways, but for Sebastian Rooks. Jack goes to work with Sunways; his first job is to bug his new home. He finds that his new 'wife' is a Digicorp agent. He seeks a way out. Rita tells him to stay in place, so that Digicorp will think that they have established Jack within Sunways. Rita discusses a way out via Rooks. There are more surprises along the way. Will Jack ever make it out of this complicated mess?--------Scores-------- Cinematography: 10/10 Very good. Sound: 10/10 No problems. Acting: 10/10 Lucy Liu, Jeremy Northam, Nigel Bennett, and David Hewlett were excellent. Screenplay: 8/10 There seemed to be too many layers of charades at times. I loved the ending, though, which seemed to make it all worth while.

Steph O (es) wrote: "Liberty Heights" was so not the movie I expected it to be. It was far better. A really enjoyable coming-of-age comedy set in 1950s Baltimore. The movie deals with issues like anti-Semitism, the integration of black people into 'white schools' in America, and interracial love. That may seem like a lot of issues for one film, but surprisingly they don??t overwhelm. They all fit pretty well together in the story. The main characters of "Liberty Heights" are Ben (Ben Foster) and his Jewish family. Ben Foster is for the most part, a great actor. One of those young, completely underrated actors who have only had a few parts that actually demonstrate how great they are. Anyway there are three main storylines involving Ben's family. The first involves Ben falling in love with a 'coloured' girl named Sylvia. There's a great moment towards the beginning of the film where Ben's mother freaks out after hearing Ben call Sylvia "attractive". Then there is the story of Ben's brother (played by Adrien Brody) searching for his dream girl who he met by chance at a party. And finally there's Ben's father (Joe Mantegna) who has issues throughout the film with his dodgy, doomed business - a burlesque show. "Liberty Heights" is actually one of the most original period pieces I've ever seen. The dialogue seems more realistic of how teenagers would have acted at that time, and how they would have perceived things. There are so many funny moments in this movie. Ben's brother and his friends yell out the window of a car, "Get ready folks, Jews are a-coming!" as they drive to a party over in what they call "Gentile-turf". Throughout the whole movie I was worried it would take a tragic turn or something, but it stayed pretty light. Light and enjoyable, but at the same time dealing with some tough issues. There's another great moment where Ben dresses as Adolf Hitler for halloween - much to the horror of his mother. ??Mom, the war was over forever ago??, he complains. He does it as a joke, but only 9 years after the war ended I can see why his parents would not be amused. I really loved all the scenes with Ben and Sylvia, too. A white Jewish boy having a crush on a black Christian girl practically screams dramatic 'Romeo and Juliet' clichs, but it doesn??t really play out that way. I loved that. Ben was definitely my favourite character in the movie. He's a bit oblivious as to how he should act, what he should call things, what he should and should not do - according to his society. And Ben seemed like a better person for that. What will surprise a lot of people about "Liberty Heights" is the array of actors in it. Joe Mantegna, David Krumholtz, Justin Chambers, Shane West, and even Misha Collins of "Supernatural" appears in it a couple of times. Ben Foster and Adrien Brody shine in this movie though. All ethnicities and religions face problems... and we all have so much in common. I think ??Liberty Heights?? illustrates that really well, even if it is set 50 years ago. The movie probably should have ended about 7 minutes before it did, but the less-than-light ending didn??t change my opinions about the movie or anything. It was by no means a tragedy. Philosophical, perhaps. "Liberty Heights" is a bittersweet comedy ?? heavy on the sweetness and comedy. That??s the best way I can describe it.

Chaco R (ag) wrote: The movie was not bad but some of it was badly made and not really sure if all those fancy fighting was necessary for the movie

Melanie D (br) wrote: I liked the idea of the literary mystery mixed with the story of two romances past and present, but there was something missing - I'm not sure what it was. I should probably just have read the book.

Corrina C (us) wrote: funny film lil bro loves it

James S (es) wrote: Great happy movie, bill murray at his best, good life lessons

Scott R (ag) wrote: Fonda is incredible in this tender romance.