The Making of The Walking Dead

The Making of The Walking Dead

The Making of the TV Series The Walking Dead

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Making of The Walking Dead torrent reviews

paul2012 s (br) wrote: jimmy Shergill act so well in hindi film but in punjabi film he is bad . Neha was bad decission

James G (mx) wrote: Amazing acting by Tom Hanks. Amazing film!!

The Phantom C (de) wrote: It's like Blue Velvet before Jeffrey Beaumont finds the severed ear.

John E (de) wrote: Just a pointless indie movie, quirky and sweet... Bill Macy is always great to watch. Awkward teens unite!

Anisa W (kr) wrote: A good war film doesn't necessarily have to deal with heart-pounding action scenes, and the most glorious moments in war were not those of bloodshed nor victory parades. It's when the soldiers put down their guns and embrace their enemies, when the war was put on hold even just for one night. Based on the true event of 1914's Christmas Truce, this film is a heartfelt yet powerful anti-war sentiment. With wonderful soundtracks, beautiful shots and heartwarming scenes, this movie is highly recommended!

Mike C (fr) wrote: It's true, Blackboards is a bit on the slow side but, I think, if you look at it within the context of the movie and what it wants to achieve you'll see even the deliberate pace contributes to the atmosphere. All in all, it's a fantastic feat of directing.

Stephen L (au) wrote: A really good drama. A lot of build up and loss. It got me to tears. I loved it!

David M (ag) wrote: In Japanese Feudal society, the Samurai were the elite warrior caste of their day. According to their code of honour, they were meant to commit ritual suicide (Seppuku) upon the loss of thier master: the greatest dishonour that could befall them was to be unable (or unwilling) to carry this out and hence become Ronin.Not all Ronin are ill-thought of by history/legend, however: this film is a highly-fictionalized (complete with Witches, Magic and Monsters) retelling of a 18th century historical event/legend in Japan in which a group of Ronin - for some reason, including Keanu Reeves - carry out their revenge upon the man responsible for their lord's death over a year later: a story, indeed, that is even now celebrated every Dec 14th by the Sengakuji Temple.

Michael M (kr) wrote: This WRONG! It is very, very, very, very, WRONG!

Nicholas A (kr) wrote: A nice slow riddle that poses many questions and refuses to answer any of them. Bates is excellent as always.

Ilja S (it) wrote: Escape from the Planet of the Apes is the first movie to stand out from the others, and tells a completely different story, while still being a major part in the Planet of the Apes storyline. It migh be dragged down in some parts, and is deinfately not as enjoayable throughout, but the ending is just as satisfying as ever, and sets the stage for the last two movies of the original series.

Yuan Ting D (us) wrote: this isn't a feel good movie. each character is in some way self-interested and has a streak of wickedness at the expense of others. during the first fifteen minutes of the movie, equivalent to maybe two days of the housemaid meeting the married boss, the two lustful sinners are already in bed. what is commendable about this movie though is that the scenes and the script is are well thought out-- much of the character can be deduced from the well selected words, expressions and actions of the characters. Additionally, the scenes always kept me watching, because there was a good flow in the plot in each scene. I'm somewhat new to the korean drama, so I was amused by the incredulous acts that made it a korean drama. Did anyone else think it was funny that there is a somewhat creative quality in the way the family solves problems... i.e. kicking the housemaid off the ladder, batting her with a golf stick. And then the ultimate way to solve a problem-- traumatize a full house by suicide hang while you set yourself on fire. Morals aside, the movie was pretty good in its film technical aspects.

Kirubel A (au) wrote: Amazing movie. Hope they make more like it!