The Making of 'Thriller'

The Making of 'Thriller'

From Michael Jackson we take a look behind the "Thrills" of Thriller

From Michael Jackson we take a look behind the "Thrills" of Thriller . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Making of 'Thriller' torrent reviews

Bob B (de) wrote: This is what suicide squad should have been. DC needs to make more movies like this.

Ashley B (kr) wrote: Very cute and quirky film. I personally can't stop watching it. Michael is so talent and I couldn't stop laughing at his character, the expressions he would make were priceless. As for Juno Temple I have seen many of her films and I believe she needs to be showcased more. Such a talent actress that deserves to be an A + celebrity. I recommend this movie hands down. The storyline is so unique and very enjoyable

Faisal M (au) wrote: a very well made movie and acting by both rani and vidya was top notch. the story didnt drag a bot. highly reccomended

Alex S (it) wrote: "Brazilian Cinema At Its Best"

Sean D (gb) wrote: not as bad of a movie as most say even though for me it falls more under the genre of sci fi than horror. Though the acting from the male star is laughable at times.

Noname (au) wrote: One of the best gangsta movie , more action/violence then boys in the hood but have a bit drama aswell.

Anne M (gb) wrote: Grew up 'round where this flick was 'set', novel to look back on this one now . . .

Jason C (ca) wrote: Rubbish big let down

Lesley H (us) wrote: Charming movie with a simple plot outlining two friends exploring Iceland. Great chemistry between the two leads.

Alec B (ca) wrote: It's fun to be sure (The cast is uniformly good and Nichols always knew how to pace these kinds of comedies) but the movie is not as smart as it thinks it is. The ending is too clean and it arguably reinforces a lot of the sexist tropes the screenplay initially seems to be rebelling against.