The Man from Colorado

The Man from Colorado

Two friends return home after their discharge from the army after the Civil War. However, one of them has had deep-rooted psychological damage due to his experiences during the war, and as his behavior becomes more erratic--and violent--his friend desperately tries to find a way to help him.

Two friends return home after their discharge from the army after the Civil War. However, one of them has had deep-rooted psychological damage due to his experiences during the war, and as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan L (ru) wrote: Great visuals, lackluster story. C

Christian C (br) wrote: Excellent direction by Guiraudie outshines even the spot-on performances by Padu and Deladonchamps. An eerie masterpiece of isolation, loneliness and suspense. Undoubtedly one of the best films of 2013-2014. However, be forewarned that the film is extremely sexually graphic (on the level of "Shortbus"), but not gratuitously so. This would be quite an awkward film to watch with children in the room. But for adults, it's exceptional.

Troy K (it) wrote: It's TV movie bad, but it's moving and has it's moments....bonus, the women in your life will probably love it.

Van W (mx) wrote: A neat little suspense film, Thomas gets to be the bitch she was always meant to play.

Alex R (br) wrote: The sudden sad ending was a killer, but overall - a sad story.

Lasse G (kr) wrote: There are good comicbook movies and there are bad comicbook movies. This movie definitely has its place among the worst of the worst. There are multiple things to hate about this movie, and not so many things to like. You can say that the movie is saved somehow by Colin Farrell's somewhat good performance, but everyone else in the movie looks like they are suffering from some decease. Ben Affleck looks like he doesn't want to be there and Jennifer Garner is totally miscast as Elektra. The movie has no charisma and the story is really weak in many different ways. You can't really see where the original script got lost in horrible storytelling or if the script was just bad from the very first draft. The action in the movie fails on many different levels, because you never really knows what's going on with the characters in the scenes. This movie is a failure on many different levels!

Carlos M (ag) wrote: It is clearly meant to be a reference to Bride of Frankenstein but the script is stupid and makes very little sense considering what happened in the first film. Still, Jeffrey Combs and David Gale steal the scene and the movie has some nice moments of gory humor.

Richard C (kr) wrote: if you remember this as being good, it isn't. the soundtrack is farcical, all kettle drums and harps.stick with your memories.

Evan H (nl) wrote: This is just a softcore porn and nothing else. That's fine if you like boring shit.

Jared M (au) wrote: Standard Carry On fare, brilliant non-PC comedy antics. Probably one of the better ones.

Shan C (ag) wrote: japanese new wave cinema the story was quite heavy, it is about masculine identity, cruelty of war, women's positions....

Scotty P (ag) wrote: One of the coolest Horror flicks of the 1950's

Carlos G (br) wrote: Not sure exactly what the feeling the audience is suppose to take away. Not wanting to be yourself and wanting to see the world in another persons eyes? Surely it's well acted totally original interesting film.

Emily L (jp) wrote: I hated the stylized CGI, I disliked the unnecessary blood and gore, and I was bored after the first 15 minutes.

Timm S (fr) wrote: Another Vietnam War Movie Addition, This One Ain't Too Bad, Pretty Damn Good Soundtrack. It Explores The Mundane-Waiting Of War Filled With Moments Of Extreme Terror Really Well. "The Doc" Character Was Great, "How Am I Expected To Identify These Motherfkrs If They Can't Keep Their God-Damn Dog Tags!!?" As He Sits Next To A Headless Solider...It's Funny, But It's The Insanity Of War.

Andrew L (fr) wrote: Rodriguez has made some terrible films

Barry T (jp) wrote: Completely forgot how good tis comedy drama was. Vardols deserved to be a much bigger star but her next efforts flopped. This is hilarious and some of the other cast really shine like Lainie Kazan as Vardols mum. Brace yourself for a sequel this year.