The Man from Laramie

The Man from Laramie

Will Lockhart (James Stewart) becomes entangled in the happenings of Coronado, an isolated western town, after delivering supplies there. He is especially involved with the Waggomans, an influential ranching family, and begins his search for someone selling rifles to the local Apaches, only to find out it is the son of the most powerful man in the area. It is at this point that his troubles begin.

The film follows Will Lockhart who is haunt by the death of his brother so he is eager to find the man who sells rifles. He decides to enter the town of Coronado where is controlled by the blind and suddenly he must fight for survival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie M (kr) wrote: Vin Diesel stars as Cage, aka XXX, who must help the government with an assignment or face prison time. It's action throughout but its action sequences seem staged but otherwise it's an entertaining flick.

Stephen T (au) wrote: This guy went to my brother's high school. hahah

Gavin P (jp) wrote: Ben Stiller's first directorial effort, and it's not bad, but nor is it a great comedy. It;s sort of a romantic dramadey, but it never really clicks into gear and is only really saved by the good cast - Hawke, Ryder & Garofalo are all good, but Stiller doesn't give himself too much to do. Decent premise - 'what do I do with my life after uni?", but it's hardly original or specific to any one generation. Overall = adequate.

Drew S (nl) wrote: The idea behind this film is interesting, but the way the film is executed is really bad. Some extremely corny moments in this film made me want to tune out, but I kept waiting for the film to redeem never did. Really bad acting by the main characters and bad special effects don't help the already corny costumes and props. And what is more frustrating is that there are no subtitles to help us understand what the Samurai is saying.

Simon D (ag) wrote: I've seen quite a few American 70's/80's gangster thrillers that fall into the same mould as Dirty Harry, for example. Well this is clearly the cockney version. It is a who's who of London-based actors from the 80's. It's quite enjoyable star spotting actually; I feel I deserve some sort of prize for spotting Pierce Brosnan, Dexter Fletcher, and Gillian Taylforth. The story is solid enough, the dialogue and language is amusing if you can overlook numerous racist remarks that were all the rage back then.

Bill T (fr) wrote: Totally dissapointing followup of Escape To Witch Mountain finds the kids in the big city unsupervised, and Tony gets kidnapped by two evilsoers (Christopher Lee and Bette Davis!) and Tia must find him Before It's Too Late! Plenty of Plotholes galore (it's a wonder why the kids just don't fly across town instead of run run running) and the ending, about the evil doers almost causing a nuclear melrdown is also ridiculous as well. Oh well, Ike Eisenmann DOES have his shirt off for some of the movie, which did wonders for my queer hormones when I first saw it as a boy back in 1978..

Jason V (fr) wrote: This movie is so horrible you should watch it.