The Man from Nowhere

The Man from Nowhere

The Man from Nowhere is a beautifully told Victorian gothic thriller from acclaimed director James Hill. Young orphan Alice has been invited by her rich uncle to live in his country mansion but she soon finds herself persecuted by the apparent visitations of an unsettling stranger. Who is this man from nowhere and just why is he tying to scare her away?

The Man from Nowhere is a beautifully told Victorian gothic thriller from acclaimed director James Hill. Young orphan Alice has been invited by her rich uncle to live in his country mansion but she soon finds herself persecuted by the apparent visitations of an unsettling stranger. Who is this man from nowhere and just why is he tying to scare her away? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikolas G (ag) wrote: Ralph Fiennes, Ian Holm, Kristin Scott Thomas are involved

Rudy G (de) wrote: an okay horror sci fi film! good in some parts!!

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Ryan A (br) wrote: Not very uplifting, but it is almost perfect in the way it shows nostalgia on film. Every shot is a little glimpse of homesickness, some people might not get it but I think I did.

Liliane S (ca) wrote: Awesome soundtrack. Violent and fun.

Marshall C (gb) wrote: A quirky, strongly acted rom-com with a twist. While the plotting is a little jumpy at times, the commitment to the characters from our two leads is more than reason enough to watch this little gem.

John B (jp) wrote: Reasonable cop drama which is lifted by the presence of the excellent Paul Newman. Probably a bit dated now, but still worth a look if you like the genre.

J M (es) wrote: Funny, Sharp, Outrageous - Need a good laugh "Used Cars" a good place to visit

Matthew S (ca) wrote: Even tho this film features brilliant work by the actors involved (particularly Keaton) -- I think it emerges as confused as the era in which it was made. Richard Brooks was a great filmmaker but I'm not sure he really understood the tragedy that the novel was depicting. At times the film comes off as both homophobic and misogynistic. It is still worth seeing thanks to the performances. Viewers should be forewarned that the film features one of the most disturbing rape/murder scenes ever caught on screen. The real problem with this scene of horrific sexual violence and murder is that it seems to belong to a different movie. I often wonder what would have happened if Brooks had secured a female artist to adapt the great novel for the screen.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Three different relationship stories with the same actors, with the best one also the first one, which takes up the lion share of its running time

WS W (ca) wrote: Another feminine text. Typical down-to-earth style of British Cinema. It might be new & provoking back in 1997 but kinda cliched & stereotyped for today's standard, though it was already a quality film. However I like Carine Adler's debut [Fever] in the bonus a bit more.A very wonderful & captivating Samantha Morton.

Wacky W (br) wrote: Well I will be honest with you guys if Matt Smith wasn't in this film I wouldn't have even given this film the time of day. I only watched it cause I love Matt Smith and I got to say the film good, not great but okay if you like Matt. The film itself is a bit slow in MANY parts and when I say slow I mean really slow. There are parts where Matt and Eva are basically just staring at each other and you're like thinking "What the hell? Why aren't you speaking." The film itself is a bit weird I am not going to lie and I can't really say why because you have to watch it to understand that it's fucked up. If you've seen it you know what I mean. ;) If you are a Matt Smith fan you will enjoy it but the film itself was a bit blah but okay if you are bored and want to watch Matt without a shirt on. lol

Ryan D (de) wrote: Loved it comedy and drama with real characters you can relate to