The Man from the Future

The Man from the Future

Zero (Wagner Moura) is a brilliant scientist, but unfortunate because 20 years ago was publicly humiliated and lost in college Helena (Alinne Moraes) the love of his life. One day, an accidental experience with one of his inventions makes him travel in time, more precisely, to the past. After the chance to change his story, Zero returns to this totally changed.

Zero (Wagner Moura) is a brilliant scientist, but unfortunate because 20 years ago was publicly humiliated and lost in college Helena (Alinne Moraes) the love of his life. One day, an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad A (us) wrote: Alec Baldwin sucked in this movie, bears don't chase you down for miles and miles, link from the matrix was a much needed death... the end

Angela N (jp) wrote: Gripping and intricate in its portrayal of a troubled teen and his limitless talent. Alfred Molina was especially good in the role of smarmy mentor who seems to be doing what's in the kids best interest, but is actually taking full advantage of the situation. I always enjoy a bit of Molina in movies.

Russell H (it) wrote: kind of long but semi-entertaining. The kids acted well.

John A (fr) wrote: The Final Installment In The Series See's Arnold Vosloo Return As Darkman. Vosloo Once Again Gives A Decent Performance & Villain Jeff Fahey Gives In A Decent Performance Also. The Film Itself Is An Average Action Thriller, With A Better Plot Than The Previous Installment. This However Was Filmed First & Was Originally Intended As The Second Movie, & In Some Ways You Can Tell Especially Since As Sequels Go On The Generally Get Worse, & This Was Better Than The Second Film. An Enjoyable Action/Thriller.

Severa S (ca) wrote: I really want to see this. I just finished the book and it's heart wrenching.

Matthew S (de) wrote: It is interesting how Jean-Jacques Beineix's ultra-erotic story of love, passion, obsession and tragedy shared between a simple repairman and a mentally fragile young woman so quickly latched on to the psyches of young Americans. But BETTY BLUE was beloved by young women, young men and teenagers in the late 1980's. I think the reason that we loved it so much back then because of the mixture of glossy colors, romance and graphic sexuality in ways that appealed both to young men and young women. Who had ever seen what appeared to be unassimilated sex mixed with dire romance and pretty colors?!?! For a while young people projected romance and depth onto BETTY BLUE in the same way that young girls often project on to Sylvia Plath. In my memory it seems like nearly everyone I knew had a poster of the movie in their bedrooms, dorm rooms and apartments well into the mid-1990's. I had only ever seen it once in 1987. But I saw it again in 2010 and just recently. It still somehow feels important. But seen through my adult eyes it often feels exploitive and almost cruel in the way it seems to want to romanticize mental illness. But there is a very real sparks between Batrice Dalle and Jean-Hugues Anglade. And both actors carry disarming cinematic presence. Anglade is kind of sexy in an uncomfortable dirty kind of way. Batrice Dalle is not as beautiful as I remember thinking in 1987. Through my adult eyes she still oozes sexuality, but there is an almost alien-look about her. And, yet, close to 30 years later --- I still can't take my eyes off either of them in this odd mix of sex, love, obsession, insanity and the grotesque. I doubt today's teens would even put up with more than a few minutes of it. But, I will always hold BETTY BLUE close to my heart. Although, I threw my poster away when I left home in 1990.

Michael W (jp) wrote: The pilot film to a great but short-lived tv series with survivors fleeing the Cylon tyranny on their quest of salvation to Earth. Ambitious project for tv with special effects that hold up well (aside from the daggit). Ultimately a victim of high production costs after only 24 episodes. Sued by 20th Century Fox for liberally stealing ideas from Star Wars.

Walter M (fr) wrote: "Bye Bye Monkey" starts with Lafayette(Gerard Depardieu) waking to a New York City being fumigated for rats. That's not all as he also has trouble selling fake leopard skin to Flaxman(James Coco) for his wax museum. Lafayette becomes a guinea pig for the women's theatre group where he works the lights to determine whether a man can be raped. Angelica(Gail Lawrence) demonstrates in the affirmative. At first incensed, he calms down enough to inspect King Kong's carcass where Luigi(Marcello Mastroianni) finds a baby monkey which he gives to Lafayette for safe keeping because of his allergies. I guess if one were so inclined, one could think of "Bye Bye Monkey" as a quasi-unofficial sequel to the 1976 remake, especially considering the body of the beast in the shadows of the World Trade Center.(I'd also work a Dave Kingman reference in here but he was on the Cubs in 1978. Darn it.) What is really important about "Bye Bye Monkey," a provocative and affectionate black comedy, is that it is about the little people on the ground going about their lives as tumultous events happen above them, most of whom like King Kong are from far-off lands. It is the rats who are native to New York and will be here long after we are all gone. In this topsy-turvy world, Lafayette occasionally takes on animal characteristics and, as Angelica points out, is more of a mother than a father to the baby monkey.

Jesse R (au) wrote: i liked the intro, but after that i could have done without

Daniel T (gb) wrote: Despite the infamously bad American edit, the original Japanese version of Terror of Mechagodzilla, released on DVD in the States by Classic Media, is a surprisingly effective film and a fitting swan song for director Ishiro Honda.

Rachel H (fr) wrote: Very funny trilogy with GENE, Kay, Mitzi and Taina. It's fun watching each account of "Barry Nicholas" life unfold with the three women in his career life. The "Too Charming" number with GENE and Kay is so cute. This is a fun movie to watch.

Jessie C (ca) wrote: I enter every movie viewing with energy and delight, and this time was no different, but by the time that thing was over I was angry. I am shocked that this is a classic and won so many awards- shocked, to an extent. I'm aware that society was ~different~ back then but I can't just ignore the blatant sexism prevalent in films from this time. In the same way that a racist movie would infuriate me beyond my ability to ignore for entertainment's sake, the disgusting misogyny in this film made it nearly unbearable. People say, "it was a different time!" but I don't care. It's disgusting now, it was disgusting back then, and no art/entertainment gets a pardon just because it was a hit when it came out.Despite this film having a female lead, she was nothing but a plot device. How the main character could make a total of ONE decision of her own within the span of an entire feature film is truly beyond me. Summaries of the film cushion the plot with things like, "she agrees to help him if he keeps her secret" but in actuality this was a woman on the run from a controlling father who was threatened with violence into giving that sleazy reporter a story or else he would give her up to that controlling father. Literally romanticized Stockholm's Syndrome. This is described as a romance movie but there was nothing romantic about it. This is a movie about men wanting a woman to do what they want instead of what she wants. The word "demented" popped into my mind multiple times while watching in reaction to things these men would do to her.The characters were really annoying, all of them. The things that were supposed to be romantic were just gross. There must be a million ways to make a story about a runaway heiress, you know? It's an interesting premise but it was executed incredibly poorly, with totally unlikeable characters and multiple disturbing dynamics in play. Plot holes so enormous even the male lead's gigantic head would get lost in them. Professional appearance, decent sound, standard cinematography- not a particularly artistic film. Weak story, poorly told, no character development besides developing them from strangers to creepy, controlling jerks. I hope no bizarre situation occurs in which I am ever forced to watch this again.4/10Bye love you

Tore S (kr) wrote: Litt for overdramatisk. Olin er ikke sterk nok som kvinnelig hovedrolle heller.

Amy L (au) wrote: so good!! disregard the ratings. I love it! creative story line, strong characters, very creepy... could have done without the very very ending part, but still plan to watch it again and again.