The Man I Love

The Man I Love

Tough torch singer Petey Brown, visiting her family, finds a nest of troubles: her sister, brother, and the neighbor's wife are involved in various ways with shady nightclub owner Nicky Toresca. Sexy Petey has what it takes to handle Nicky, but then she meets San Thomas, formerly great jazz pianist now on the skids, and falls for him hard.

Visiting her two sisters and brother, singer Petey Brown lands a job at small-time-hood Nicky Toresca's nightclub. While evading the sleazy Toresca's heavy-handed passes at her, she falls ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (us) wrote: This movie does a great job of connecting what astronomers and archaeologists do in searching for answers by looking to the past, whether it be the past of the galaxy to find out the answers to the mysteries of the universe or studying artifacts that were left behind by previous civilizations and figuring out how they lived, and these woman who are searching for the remains of their loved ones who were murdered during Pinochet's dictatorship. These women are searching into a past that, for some reason or another, the Chilean government, and perhaps its people, wish to move away from and they wish to keep it hidden. And it is really heartbreaking how these women are sort of maligned for not letting go of what happened, even if what happened was absolutely awful and something that shouldn't ever be forgotten, no matter how ashamed you are of it. So the movie does a good job at connecting these two vastly different things but, essentially, both are searching for the same kinds of answer. There's a poetic narrative to this film that certainly helps a lot in getting over the importance of how you simply should not forget your past. There's also some beautiful shots of the galaxy and the cosmos, which are really cool. If there's a problem with the movie is that the first 20 or so minutes are incredibly slow and that really keeps this movie from at least 4 stars, but other than that it's an excellent documentary that, even if it isn't famous, will hopefully keep this memory of what happened alive. I'd definitely recommend it regardless.

Blake D (ru) wrote: Right from the horse's mouth the amazing life story of Kurt Cobain, with deep emotion that conveys his whole life

Gareth W (gb) wrote: Not bad, not very good either...shame the set pieces are spoilt by a poor script and plot

S S (br) wrote: this one defi tops ma charts...Paresh Rawal....knows how 2 do it....

Felipe D (jp) wrote: Really, i loved it. Good screenplay.

Jim W (fr) wrote: Christian Slater stars as a crook who gets a new identity after breaking out of prison. He's given the name Cletis Tout, which turns out to be the name of someone the mob wants dead. While Slater is looking for a box of diamonds that his friend (Ricard Dreyfuss) in prison hid when he was younger, he gets help from Dreyfuss' daughter (Portia de Rossi). The movie wants to be a smart Get Shorty type of mob comedy, but it never reaches that level. The only reason to watch this movie is for the performances. Believe it or not, but Tim Allen steals the show as a movie loving hit-man. Tim Allen shows here and Redbelt that he's wasted in the crappy family comedies that he usually makes. The guy can actually act and can handle more serious roles. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing him as "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" one more time lol.

Cara D (fr) wrote: See also, Sister My Site for an even better dramatization.

Alec L (jp) wrote: One of Sandler's better efforts, Happy Gilmore will entertain and amuse, if it continues its star descent into immaturity and misogyny. Centered on a hopeless hockey amateur's foray into golf in order to save his grandmother's house (how Sandler!), this film provides a vehicle that is perfect for Sandler's manchild character to wreak as much havoc as possible. Boasting a few memorable scenes, Happy Gilmore will ultimately distract you for just enough time to be bearable.

Knox M (jp) wrote: Joseph Sargent's The Taking of Pelham 123 is unsettlingly suspenseful, and beholds what is easily one of the best endings ever. A classic.

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Alexandros T (it) wrote: This movie is terrible. Bad acting, Bad direction, and a terrible plot that doesn't follow the game its based off and instead turns it into a Resident Evil rip-off with a First Person POV scene in the climax that just felt lazy and tacked-on to "notify" the audience that this film is based on the one most influential games and one of the very best First Person Shooters of ALL TIME (if not THE best). Sure, some of the quotes might be memorable in some consent, but everything else about the film is just bad. It's so bad, it stinks like rotten meat, not worthy of any fat reward.Genetic experiments? Seriously? Doom is all about killing demons in Phobos, Deimos and Hell itself with an arsenal ranging from shotguns to the iconic BFG-9000, not this fragging lab experiment bullshit! Overall, in my opinion (and possibly to many fans of Doom), This movie is a DISGRACE to the Doom franchise as it has barely anything to do with Doom (or Doom 3 for that matter)No offense of me being a stubborn swine, but to me, it feels like the people who have ranked this film higher has never even played Doom before.

Paul D (de) wrote: Yet another found-footage horror, and not a great one as this is basically a lot of woodland scenery followed by a lot of running around in the woodland after a glimpse or two of the monster. There's very little substance here.

Joseph D (kr) wrote: this movie looked interseting from the previews