The Man Who Lies

The Man Who Lies

This enigmatic, plodding story concerns a man who may or may not have betrayed a resistance fighter in his hometown during World War II. He has supposedly been shot down by the Nazis and wanders into town. Mourning the death of an unseen comrade, he is taken in by the family of the dead rebel. He engages in a superfluous affair and witnesses the lesbian relationship between the man's sister and a female servant. When passions subside, the family has doubts about the reliability of the man's ...

On the run from pursuing soldiers, a man hides in a small European town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ambar P (fr) wrote: i liked d movie,nil mukesh is good actor,i think dis mve is diff. as compared to films which bollywood produces

Jay B (fr) wrote: Over the hill humor is pretty one-note, but this cast brings us a film that's just funny enough not to bash.

Marian H (fr) wrote: Just a rather deprssing movie with a weak plot. Don't be fooled by the pretty friendly and warm cover on the front of the DVD (at least the one version). When you're done finished watching this movie you will just be depressed and feel like you've just wasted 104 minutes of your life.

Max M (es) wrote: I loved how dark this movie got, yet for me it stayed funny. I liked the characters, seeing Robin Williams go dark was the best part. I'm also partial to the Irish mob moments.

Vadim D (br) wrote: It's not the greatest film, but has enough style and atmosphere to fill the gaps in storytelling. Having a great cast (aside from Heather Graham) really helps to keep the movie afloat.

Gabriel K (ag) wrote: A complex and rich, yet somehow very accessible story, taking place in what used to be Yugoslavia. The cinematography is breathtaking, acting is flawless, and human emotions are perfectly echoed by haunting soundtrack. But what makes the movie so brilliant and unique, is the way the story unfolds - in non-linear fashion, making sort of a circle. Once it reaches conclusion, it makes the viewer fully grasp the tragic absurdity of the situation, endless in its nature.

Joshua L (de) wrote: I went into it thinking it'd be awful, and found it to be strangely watchable, if not at all that enjoyable. If you're a slasher aficionado and would like to see something unique and formulaic pre-Halloween, it's worth a watch.

James H (ca) wrote: A delightful family comedy that always has me bellowing with laughter with Robin Williams silliness, but clever comic timing and ridiculous voice acting. It's a film for children with divorced parents to help them understand and it doesn't end in an easy full circle way either. Which I like. This is a rewatchable cult classic and I love it.

Jose C (ag) wrote: I loved this movie people really judge movies harsh!!!

Michael R (ag) wrote: Norman Jewison's 1967 crime classic IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT deserves a better follow-up than this mediocre whodunit, which resembles a poor TV movie. Does score a few points, however, for its hilarious domestic scenes of Tibbs' hopeless attempts to discipline his unruly son, using cigars and scotch! Another sequel, THE ORGANIZATON, followed two years later.