The Man Who Quit Smoking

The Man Who Quit Smoking

The Plot focuses on Dante Alighieri, a young man who loves smoking. When his father dies Dante inherits $17 million on one special condition: He must give up smoking in 14 days and then stay smoke-free for an entire year. If he fails, his uncle inherits the $17 million instead. Dante has a living hell while trying to quit, and hires a private detective agency called Little Secret Service who he gives free hands to stop him from smoking, While his uncle, who has taken up smoking himself, also does everything he can to make Dante smoke again.

Young Dante Alighieri inherits 17 million from his father the sausage maker on one condition - he has to give up smoking in 14 days. But the days go on and he simply can't quit. He hires a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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