The Man with the Golden Arm

The Man with the Golden Arm

Frankie is a heroin addict and sits in prison. He wants a different life but the rehabilitation isn’t as easy as he had thought. Director Otto Preminger films one of the first social studies of an addict in this 1955 film.

Strung-out junkie deals with daily demoralizing drug addiction while crippled wife and card sharks continue to pull him down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reece S (us) wrote: Just saw on Netflix, really quite good...Not sure if you dont like the series like me seeing as its nearly 3 hours, but yeah, well worth it

Le Cochon B (au) wrote: One of the worst films you could see. I wonder, is this film meant ONLY to titillate and excite people who don't see this kind of thing, or people who do see this kind of thing? This is a sadistic, immensely voyeuristic (hence disgusting) exercise in screen violence for the sake of it, with really no plot even to carry that along. The premise is: a young boy who was well behaved schoolboy and did well in lessons, becomes one of the worst young thugs within gangs of the worst young thugs to be found anywhere. Anyone at all could take this suggestion and quickly fill in a succession of violent scenes to make "NEDS", and would do so with more art than the actual makers of "NEDS". It really is a pile of utter rubbish. The characters are completely wooden, they wouldn't even make into any commercial cartoons, seriously. The parents are the worst. I thought a 4 year old made the character concepts, knowing it only to be a short story to learn writing and words. And I think that was actually the point, the "art". Terrible film. Really terrible. The film makers are saying, "We're the E.D.s, here are some very realistic, fictional N.E.D.s. We're not quite like them, see. That's it, go home, party's over. There's lots of violence on screen, we take your money." What's the point of this movie?

Yasha C (us) wrote: Absolutely fantastic movie, and from what I see angry aging critics seem to have forgotten what it feels like to be young and lost. All the performances are played beautifully. Will Ferrell's character adds a perfect amount of comedy to even out the emotions from the story. This movie is ahead of its time and will day be appreciated for the master piece it truly is.

Danielle A (gb) wrote: This movie is absolutely FABULOUS, definitely one of Mariah's most promising performances.The acting and story of this movie are amazing and Mira Sorvino showcases her amazing ability as Meg, who looks for a new life with her grandmother after the tragic death of her husband.The story and characters are all fabulous and it's definitely got a twist that you wouldn't expect at the end.

Carlos M (de) wrote: It feels almost impossible not to love these two adorable young children who carry on their shoulders this beautiful tale of innocence, poverty and compassion - a film that pulls us with such power into the situation faced by its characters that we can't be left unmoved.

Nilla S (es) wrote: Most fans of the Hutchence don't even know about this film. Good stuff, but you probably not if you're not punk rock ;)

Gabriel C (es) wrote: Classic, traditional Jackie Chan action. Regardless of what he has become now, his 80's movies were entertaining and fun.

Mat K (br) wrote: Your typical giant Neanderthal boy meets girl movie. Giant Neanderthal boy falls in love with rich girl, takes her back to his cave, gives her flowers and a dead rabbit. Girl escapes. Giant Neanderthal boy follows her back to town and gets gunned down by police. In many ways it is King Kong without the ape, the budget, the decent actors, or the script. Although the girl does have a boyfriend who carries a guitar around and breaks into song.

Debra L (ag) wrote: An interesting story of how SOME Gays seek younger men and go to other countries to get sex from young boys by using their money to take advantage and to groom, ( I mean entice them). It all makes sense to me after working with over 65 gay clients who shared with me their horrible stories of sexual abuse . Sadly It continues today in every city in America where disadvantaged youth are exploited. Williams and Hollywood had it right back in 1959. The truth is dirtier than lies.

N Frank F (ru) wrote: Painfully bad! After hitting a home run 2 years earlier with Pride of the Yankees, director Sam Wood must have convinced Cooper and Wright to team up again, in spite of providing an insultingly stupid, illogical, insensitive script. One wonders if GC and TW had any integrity or taste.

Tania G (ca) wrote: Qu asco de pelicula! Una gran falta de respeto a los juegos.Horrible movie... It's a shame and is so disrespectful to the games. Too bad there's no less rank than half stars.

Jerry W (ag) wrote: In quintessentially Wes Anderson fashion, charming as hell.