The Man With Two Brains

The Man With Two Brains

A story about a brain surgeon who tries to end his unhappy marriage to spend more time with a disembodied brain.

Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr, a pioneering neurosurgeon, gets married to a cruel and unfaithful new wife, Dolores Benedict. And while he grows increasingly suspicious of his stunning wife, he develops a meaningful, but of necessity platonic, relationship with a bottled brain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas K (ca) wrote: Pretty much exactly what you expected. Another lost footage film ala The Blair Witch Project but with dinosaurs this time. The acting, aside from the kid, Matthew Kane, is pretty uneven but the film still has some charm and at 83 minutes it gets on with it pretty admirably. The dinos are great and so is the kid. The rest? Not so much.

RonaldThomas F (us) wrote: Charlie St. Cloud (2010): I wouldn't call this a great movie for date night, but it is a good one that should not be seen alone. Charlie (Zac Efron) survives a car crash that takes his younger brother Sam (Charlie Tahan). As a result, Charlie's life remains frozen as he tries to deal with the grief of losing him brother. You actually get to see a different side of Efron showing depth and potential of what he could be one day as an actor. This is not a downer of a movie, even when every night Charlie meets up with his brother to talk and play catch just before the sun sets. This is the life Charlie leads until a girl, Tess (Amanda Crew) comes along and ends up having a profound impact on Charlie's life. I really enjoyed seeing this film and would have no problem watching it again. It was nice to see the seldom seem Kim Bassinger in a small role as Charlie and Sam's mother.

Andy F (nl) wrote: Stallone back to something like Stallone in this pedestrian, ultra violent and pretty predictable thriller.

Huw G (gb) wrote: The richness of the film didn't make up for the bleak outlook & obvious outcome.

Dean H (es) wrote: Watching Peter's post therapy behavior at his job is extremely cathartic.

Jonathan S (it) wrote: At the time in which I saw the film in theaters, 'some' of the hacking techniques were accurate - but 95% of what you see in the film of course is total BS. A good nostalgic film? Sorta good for laughs, but doesn't hold it's weight today. This film released a bevy of soundtracks at the time. 4 to be precise. 1 being the OST, 2 the score, 3 & 4 were remixes of the popular tracks heard in the film.

Anna P (fr) wrote: One of the best movies of all time in my opinion!

Weul S (us) wrote: An American chorus girl & an English teacher learn about life and love in 1930s Berlin in one of Hollywood's greatest musicals.