The Manipulator

The Manipulator

An insane Hollywood makeup man kidnaps a woman, keeps her prisoner in his warehouse full of props.

An insane Hollywood makeup man kidnaps a woman, keeps her prisoner in his warehouse full of props. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rhea H (jp) wrote: What garbage. Boring, stupid plot, unoriginal story, clich as hell and some of the worst acting I've ever seen. This unnecessary spin off to the vastly superior "The Conjuring" is a giant waste of time.

Paul A (it) wrote: Very bad acting and dumb storyline, why on earth would she want to move into the same apartment her sister suspiciously died in? The movie made no sense. I only decided to watch this movie because I couldn't find the Japanese one made in 2007 anywhere, but I heard even that was a bad movie as well. So it was technically a remake of an already awful movie. Save your time and watch something decent this was terrible.

Fabio G (us) wrote: Franchement super ce film. Ca me fait beaucoup penser a Haneke. mais bon, tout le monde s'en fiche. c'est cool (meme si c'est pas le bon mot).

Richard C (au) wrote: The Youtube aspect of it interested me. Yes, I know about cinema verite, I meant that it was fun finally seeing a 70-minute Youtube video where the explicit gore and gross-out scenes are uncensored. The cameramen go around town wreaking havoc and you're thrust in, experiencing it.

Rauli L (kr) wrote: Hankala uskoa tll vuosituhannella tuotetuksi ptkksi sill iso osa efekteist olisi ollut vanhentuneet jo 80-luvulla... Juoni on mys ihan lytn silli-salaatti ja huono sellainen. Rutger hauer oli syy miksi jaksoi edes aloittaa katsomista. Hyv nyttelij, huono rooli ja huonompi roolisuoritus.

Anders J (mx) wrote: While I understand why most people don't like it, I very much enjoy this film's dark twist to the tooth fairy story; if you're going to watch it, you should do it with surround sound

Juha S (it) wrote: Very dark tale of a young male-prostitute. This is no Hollywood-movie, often very dark and sad...

BellaRay (kr) wrote: Now that's just fucked up!

Eric L (gb) wrote: 100% Classic. The only thing wrong with this movie is that it spawned "Next Friday" and "Friday After Next".

Jesse V (nl) wrote: Quirky heartwarming story

Hannah L (au) wrote: Very good if you want to watch something silly and pleasantly stupid. This movie intends to be ridiculous, and succeeds. Easily watched while in the same room, but doing something else. The only downside is that a lot of the characters mumble or have extremely thick accents.

Ron R (nl) wrote: I do love Woody Allen, and this was my first venture into one of his earlier works. The film largely holds up over time. I even laughed out loud a few times, not what I was expecting from watching his more recent films.

Juliet G (nl) wrote: cant wai to watch it again

Giovanni M (kr) wrote: Tedious action sequences, relentlessly cruel, and visually dull, Death Race is a movie that is so completely dumb that it's insulting.

Rhett W (mx) wrote: The greatest pirate film of all time; one of the greatest films of all-time.

Curtis R (br) wrote: save the whales, that was a thing in the 80s, lets make a Star Trek movie about it. That would be like a Star Trek moving raising awareness of global warming...actually that's a good idea, are you listening JJ!? While they violate the temporal prime directive every five minutes, the urgency of the mission negates it, save earth! The best part of this movie is every character has something to do, they're not just "hello I'm in this movie"

Borrego P (de) wrote: Simple and tragic emotional resonance. A joy to watch and highly recommended. See it at the BSFF. | BLOCK F | FRIDAY 7:30pm |