The Marine 2

The Marine 2

Rebels seize control of the hotel where a Marine sniper and his wife are staying. Can he save the day?

While on vacation, Marine Scout Sniper Joe Linwood must rely on his training to rescue his wife and other guests from a hotel which has been taken over by a gang of bloodthirsty terrorists. The Linwoods are vacationing at the lavish Thailand resort when the terrorists invade during the hotel';s grand opening. Joe escapes the initial onslaught and must find a way to save his wife and the other hostages. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam C (mx) wrote: It is not just awful, it is terribly awful. Too bad there wasn't any Kaufman or Corman behind the camera to add more exploitation genre. "Killer slugs?! What'll be next? Demented crickets, rampage mosquitoes?" however self-irony is brilliant.

Kim M (de) wrote: Another gem from the British horror/sci-fi scene. This is one of the most fun action horror movies I've seen in a while.

Marlon B (gb) wrote: Should have just let the series end where it did. The story line was pointless and badly written.

Jose Luis M (es) wrote: Un poco larga, pero de excelente manufactura y direccin. Posee una de las mejores escenas sexuales de los ultimos aos.

Tom D (ru) wrote: Funny and poignant tale of a French girl whose parents turn political activists. The genius of the script is to take the mistakes and misinterpretations we have add made as children and parents, and apply them in a political context to find humour. The result is the film feels believable rather than contrived. As with the best French films of this genre, the intelligent scripting combines with top performances, beautiful camerawork and the subtle but effective use of music.

Ramya C (ag) wrote: it's a nice telugu movie

Sean S (us) wrote: Although it's not hard to acknowledge the film's shortcomings as it can get unnecessarily bogged down by focusing on events and style rather than story, Factory Girl is rewarding if looked at as a cohesive character piece, with actors portraying the variety of figures Andy Warhol (played with great attention to detail and dedication by Guy Pearce) surrounded himself with as part of his Factory art collective, including Edie Sedgwick (a fine performance by Sienna Miller). The latter part of the film feels more like a drug haze though, and certainly feels like a reluctance to tell more--but does live up to its title as a piece on the "live fast, die young" type Sedgwick, who certainly had her own 15 minutes of fame.

Michael O (fr) wrote: VERY disturbing, but also compelling...interestingly enough, stars Eddie Redmayne & Julianne Moore went on to win Lead Acting Oscars in 2015; for THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING & STILL ALICE, respectively...

Ryan C (fr) wrote: Opening is Incredible.The theme of this movie is the Search for the World's Biggest Wave, need I say more.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Great movie. Cheesey college movie where a few of the big guys on campus have to be girls for a few weeks in order to graduate. The storyline turns the usual college movie upside down, with guys learning the pressure many women have to endure. I give this movie 4 stars.

Nollaig K (it) wrote: also known as freezer

Alex r (fr) wrote: Douglas MacArthur was one of the most famous Generals in the U.S Military. He was one of 5 generals to attain the rank of 5 star general. His life was a series of accomplishments almost attaining legendary status. This is a fine biopic of the late General, one that is effectively directed and acted. Gregory Peck delivers one of his strongest performances since his role of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. The film is directed by director Joseph Sargent who has previously helmed The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. This is a terrific war film that boasts a great cast, a well written script, effective dramatic elements and a plot that will certainly appeal to war film fans who desire to know the story of Douglas MacArthur. Peck commands the screen with such ferocious intensity that he is perfect for the part. I think it's hard to imagine someone else in the role; he truly has made it his own. I really enjoyed the film, but I felt that it was second only to Patton, which is the definitive war biopic of a U.S General. This would be second. The acting and plot just takes a hold of you, and you are entertained from the first frame onwards. There are a few aspects missing, but it's only natural that there couldn't be a longer film, because MacArthur's career was long and illustrious. For that this film is, it's an accomplished war biopic about complicated man, who was just as grand as he was flawed. To this day, MacArthur is a figure that is revered and criticized. The film shows in great part why he was like. He was a man that disobeyed orders from the very top, and had his own agenda on how to win a war. This is a fine film worth seeing if you want one of best military biopics after Patton of course.

J B (ca) wrote: I haven't seen this one to rate it. Nor have I seen a Movie trailor to decide if I want to watch it.

Robert S (jp) wrote: A great movie that dramatizes a first love through well crafted scenes, fun dialog, and intellectualism.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Just Cause's filmakers seem to have been blissfully unaware that the plot twist casually introduced into the middle of their film had the (presumably unwanted) effect of reversing its political stance, or if they were aware of the problem they ignored it. A suitably convoluted plot was obviously thought to be more important than political consistency. But Connery is always likable with that Scottish accent, even in a small role Harris adds some needed kick, and the story isn't too bad, from what I paid attention to anyway, not bad. Worth watching!

Grant K (nl) wrote: Evans isn't the right choice for this role, but he does a serviceable job in a script that doesn't go far enough and is completely unfocused.

Cooper C (ca) wrote: It's dumb and it's boring. A disappointing sequel to Superman II...

Will W (ag) wrote: The type of film that will make u hold your head in shame and ask why?