The Mark of the Angels - Miserere

The Mark of the Angels - Miserere

When a truck trafficking children is intercepted in the desert by the army, one of the traffickers is captured. Interpol agent Frank Salek comes to the police station with his partner to ...

When a truck trafficking children is intercepted in the desert by the army, one of the traffickers is captured. Interpol agent Frank Salek comes to the police station with his partner to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Mark of the Angels - Miserere torrent reviews

Jordan P (es) wrote: Wasn't to bad! An ok sci fi thriller!

Ole J (kr) wrote: This has some very funny scenes, and having watch some of the real TV documentaries about the industry it's very funny to see this one.It starts of very sincere and you could actually believe it was a documentary, but at a point you start looking at their names and their specialties and fields of work.Well its a very good imitation and all setup as a real docu, but just much more fun.It's still just a film you see once, so it doesn't have that much of a story to tell and does not leave you with anything but some laughs, but that's all right.I did enjoy the music by (i think they were called) "The Pubes", very nice lyrics and catching tunes :)

Allan F (it) wrote: While not a masterpiece, like the original, it is still a damn amazing sequel. Highly recommended!

Zak C (ag) wrote: Classic film. One of the greatest. Pitt's finest performance.

Jey A (it) wrote: ... What part of this title makes sense?

lashayla W (au) wrote: I love this movie I watch it all the time sometimes 2 or 3 times and it never gets old

Kyle B (kr) wrote: Silly Frenchies. I need to watch the subtitled version...stupid dubbing

Jack P (fr) wrote: a quality film really dark and intense it really felt like an essex version of goodfellas good stuff

Richard S (ca) wrote: The best Star Trek movie.

Dan H (mx) wrote: Most of the film is pretty fun, and some of the kills are great but the big reveal is dumb.

Kevin Q (it) wrote: this is an oldy - have no idea what's it's about, but I did watch it

Zane T (us) wrote: Forget the cover art of this movie, there is no maze and the only monster is some silly Sleestack looking rubber mask creature that is a figment of Tom Hanks' deranged mind. This movie was made back in the early 1980s to capitlize on the growing fears that people had about 30 years ago that nerds playing Dungeons and Dragons would go nuts and commit suicide or homicide, when in fact, all they did was not get laid for the next 10 years. Hanks plays a troubled college student, even though he was pushing 30 when he made this made for TV dreck of a movie, who still hasn't gotten over the fact that his older brother ran away years earlier and is now off the grid. His parents picker and argue and they don't want Hanks playing Mazes and Monsters, a D&D style game. But he goes to fictional college and meets some nerds played by Chris Makepeace, a teen prodigy, and Wendy Crewson, who is obviously too hot to play a role-playing game, and some other guy who eventually falls in love with Crewson once Hanks has gone schizo. And that's what he does. It's nice to see Hanks playing what is basically a paranoid schizophrenic who walks around New York City thinking he is in some fantasy land and fighting these green monsters when all they are are street punks. This was based on what was believed to be then real confirmation that a teen prodigy had gotten lost in the steam tunnels of his college playing D&D (heard that one?) when actually he ran away from home and made up the rumor himself and later killed himself. The moral of the story is that games are bad, imagination is bad, and do what your parents always tell you even when they're alcoholic, narcissistic blowhards who think by telling you to call collect, they are being compassionate. See it for Hanks' early performance as a weirdo and the hilarious idea that playing a game can lead to destruction.

Michael A (mx) wrote: Early Wes Craven effort is a snorefest.

Sean C (jp) wrote: After a string of bad films, this is the one that restored some faith in the tired franchise. Easily among the top 10 Godzilla films.

Tracee L (fr) wrote: One of my favorite vampire movies...which is strange because its so tame. But something about it I love.

Dax S (us) wrote: One of my childhood movies.

Courtney J (us) wrote: One of my all time favorite comedy films.

Chris C (mx) wrote: If it weren't for Kristen Bell, I wouldn't be interested.

Christopher S (es) wrote: Low-budget oddity is an early effort from director Curtis Harrington. The leisurely pacing and Dennis Hoppers slow-witted character take some getting used to, but it manages an intriguing offbeat atmosphere that keeps it compelling. A minor cult classic.