The Mask of Dimitrios

The Mask of Dimitrios

A meek novelist investigates the mysterious death of a notorious scoundrel.

Mystery writer Cornelius Leyden becomes intrigued when the murdered body of a vicious career criminal washes up in the Bosphorus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel S (ru) wrote: it's not a bad movie, but at 2 and a half hours long, you could of cut out an HOUR of human interaction and had a better movie. Lots of shark action, but lots of focus on the human actors...and most of them are serviceable at best. 2 Stars, simply because I laughed my ass off at the swim instructor who died after showing the little girl the water was fine and the mom ignored the kid by yammering away on her cell phone. Some pretty decent modern realism in a horror movie, and the acting was that bad.

Dan S (kr) wrote: pretty average movie huge fans of emmanuelle chriqui and justin long so i had to check it out

Samantha S (ca) wrote: I was hoping this would be great - the cast is! However, it's weak and muddled and uninvolving. Should have done much better with a cast like this.

Gavin S (it) wrote: 2 screen legends together for the only time, both in Oscar-winning performances. Throw in beautiful New Hampshire cottage country, and a relationship that seems as true and authentic as ever was portrayed onscreen. Oh and did I mention, it's funny as hell? Fonda gets the best lines, but who doesn't love an old grumpy man? Hepburn is her usual best, they really broke the mold on that one...Jane Fonda plays their daughter, adding some serious poignancy to the scenes of father and daughter, estranged for many years. One of the few movies you can actually call a feel-good without having to worry too much about sap and schmaltz. These actors are too good for that shit. Definitely a modern classic.

Victor W (it) wrote: Dumbest western I have ever seen

Courtney B (ru) wrote: I thought it was a good story - with "good" prevailing. That is not an unsatisfying ending. It was tense and kept my attention.

Connie M (nl) wrote: A great movie!looking forward to seeing it in the theater