The Master

The Master

An elderly man and a young woman is in a bar where they tenderly begin to touch each other's hands. Soon they find themselves in a room where the woman has shiatsu massage of the man, putting her in ecstasy. The next morning, something starts to happen with the woman ...

Uncle Tak, the old martial-arts master and medicine in normal life has severe problems with his former student Jonny, who wants nothing more than to kill his old master to show everyone who... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joanna H (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. I think Elizabeth Olson is a very talented actress, and I look forward to seeing what she does in the future. Josh Radnor is... pretty good. I'm more impressed by the fact that he wrote and directed this film than by his acting. The story seems a little predictable, but the dialogue and acting is good enough that I recommended this to some of my friends. (Hey, this movie has a hilarious Zac Efron cameo in it! And it's on Netflix instant watch!) :)

Leslie V (it) wrote: movie changed my way of thinking

Ashley D (es) wrote: its ok for what it is a low budget b movie

Ahh V (ag) wrote: If your brain dead Disney addict with low standards and the attention span of a gnat don't bother to rent this movie for your family.

JOSEPH A (kr) wrote: Great movie but a little elitist and not worth watching more than once in a while

Carol L (nl) wrote: Very cute, feel good fantasy film for believers. Heathens won't get it.

Nolan M (es) wrote: An movie that I very much enjoyed, considering the weak plot. The movie despite its weaknesses looks classy and creepy. Ulliel is menacing and creepy as the young Hannibal Lector. I recommend reading the book first and then see the movie.

jon m (ag) wrote: Best ski resort movie from the 80's.

Charlie G (de) wrote: This is where Superman officially became ridiculous. He's been ridiculous in the past but this is where it's confirmed.

Jason C (it) wrote: It's alright. Nice acting in places but the ending is telegraphed and getting there is tedious at times. Employing Brad Dourif always gets you a little something on the positive side though.

Mats B (fr) wrote: Klassiker som jag inte sett tidigare. Hr ser man Scorsese blick redan frn start.

Randy T (us) wrote: Director John Ford agreed to make this one in a deal with Republic Pictures to secure financing for his pet project, The Quiet Man. Never one to do things half-ass, Ford secured a rather large budget and a top notch supporting cast for his two stars, John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Rio Grande isn't Ford's most popular or most acclaimed film, but it's hard to deny it's prototypical old-west charm.

Michael N (gb) wrote: Paprika Steen. Period.

Anna L (us) wrote: I admire Sirk's use of light, shadow and color throughout.

John B (us) wrote: Good movie and cast with an interesting story based on the horrific real life events of the slave trade in 1839.

JH K (de) wrote: A pesar del evidente esfuerzo de produccion tipico en DeLaurentis, el guion es terriblemente flojo incluso para una pelicula de Conan, la cual pierde toda su crudeza y violencia para ser una especie de aventura familiar que no tiene apenas interes ni nada de lo que vimos en la primera. Una mierda que ademas acabo con la franquicia puesto se iban a hacer pelis cada 2 anyos de Conan, y eso, hubiera molado en tanto en cuanto se hubieran hecho como la primera.